Best Word to PDF Converters of 2024

The best Word to PDF converters make saving and managing Word files as PDF files simple and easy. When it comes to sharing documents with others for desktop and laptop devices, the PDF file format has some advantages over Word’s.doc format. Since 2008, PDFs have been an open standard, and they can be displayed by any modern operating system or web browser.

You can count on a PDF to present your content exactly the way you want it, regardless of the device or browser used to view it. PDFs are professional-looking, and you can include any fonts you want without worrying if the recipient has them installed.

Microsoft Word 2013 and newer versions support exporting to PDF directly from within the software, but you’ll need a dedicated PDF editor with Word to PDF conversion functionality if you want to do batch conversions or edit the PDF afterward. We will show you the best Word to PDF converter software currently available online.

Best Word to PDF Converters of 2021| Free and Paid DOCX to PDF Converters

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Word to PDF Converters?

Here are some important factors you need to consider while choosing the best word to PDF converter. Make sure to carefully read these in order to make an informed decision.

Quality Conversion

By preserving the original formatting and layout, a good PDF converter ensures the best and highest quality of the converted files. As a result, no information is lost during the PDF conversion.

Supports Multiple File Formats

The best PDF converter software online allows you to work with a wide range of file formats, including Microsoft Office file formats, images, ebooks, and more, for a complete experience.

Converts Fast

By processing PDF conversion requests quickly and efficiently, the powerful desktop PDF converter ensures that the output is delivered in the shortest time possible.

Offers OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

The best PDF converter program should be able to easily extract text data from image-based or scanned PDFs and create editable files. A built-in OCR feature is required for this to happen.

Partial and Batch Convertion

Instead of converting the entire file, the best PDF converter software allows you to convert just the pages or page ranges you want, also known as Batch Convert. Furthermore, instead of tediously working on one file at a time, it has the ability to convert multiple files at the same time.

Intuitive User Interface

Even for first-time users, a good DOCX to PDF converter software must have a user-friendly interface that is overly simple to navigate and understand.

1. Soda PDF

Best Word to PDF Converters of 2021| Free and Paid DOCX to PDF Converters

Consider Soda PDF if you want PDF software that can do more than just convert Word to PDF. This software has similar features to Adobe Acrobat Pro, allowing you to convert between a variety of file formats and edit your created PDFs. With a Soda PDF license, you can use the powerful online editor as well as the offline desktop app.

Any Word document can be converted to a PDF, and multiple Word documents can be combined into a single PDF. You can even convert multiple Word documents at once into individual PDFs.

Soda PDF can be purchased in a variety of ways, including a one-time payment based on features, a monthly plan, or a yearly plan. There are also business plans available.

Soda PDF is easy to use and has advanced features like PDF forms, secure signing, and OCR, so it’s a great choice if you work with PDFs on a regular basis.

2. Foxit PDF Editor

Best Word to PDF Converters of 2021| Free and Paid DOCX to PDF Converters

Foxit is almost as well-known as Adobe when it comes to PDF editing software, having provided it for decades. Foxit PDF Editor, the company’s most recent software, is a clear choice for converting Word documents to PDF, with additional conversion settings that other software lacks.

Set file options such as optimizing the PDF for online viewing, adding a watermark, ensuring that the file complies with specific PDFA standards (PDF/A-1b to PDF/A-3u), adding headers and footers, and specifying passwords and permissions, for example. While these features are frequently available in other PDF editors, the ability to save them as a template and use them repeatedly for batch processing saves time.

While a program like Soda PDF has an online version that is nearly identical to the desktop version in terms of functionality, Foxit PDF Editor’s online version is quite basic and feels like a completely different product.

Foxit PDF Editor has a 14-day free trial and is available in Standard and Business editions. For a monthly fee, the Standard version includes almost all of the features that most businesses will require.

A perpetual license is available, but it excludes future software updates. Overall, Foxit PDF Editor is a strong contender for the best Word to PDF converter currently available.

3. PDFElement

Best Word to PDF Converters of 2021| Free and Paid DOCX to PDF Converters

Wondershare’s PDF conversion and editing software is highly regarded. It can convert from a wide range of image file types and supports all Microsoft Office formats.

Wondershare PDFElement’s main toolbar includes options for batch conversion from Word documents as well as combining Word documents into a single PDF.

The tools do a good job of reproducing a Word document in PDF format, but we discovered that batch converting a lot of large Word documents at once can cause the program to crash.

In terms of specifying margins, file permissions, and watermarks upon import, the PDFElement conversion tool lacks the immediate flexibility of Foxit PhantomPDF. After you’ve imported your PDFs, the robust set of batch processing tools allows you to make batch changes to them.

A yearly subscription to Wondershare PDFElement is available, with different pricing options depending on the number of features you want. Batch processing, for example, is available in the Pro version. Overall, it’s worth considering because its PDF editing tools are among the most user-friendly.

4. Nitro Pro

Best Word to PDF Converters of 2021| Free and Paid DOCX to PDF Converters

Nitro Pro is a desktop application for converting and editing PDFs that is only available for Windows. All Microsoft Office file types, WordPerfect, images, and HTML can be converted with its quick PDF creation.

Nitro Pro was one of the best options for batch Word to PDF conversions in our testing. You can specify that generated PDFs comply with PDF/A-1b standards, and the software has no trouble accurately converting multiple large Word documents.

Nitro Pro is less intuitive to use than Wondershare PDFElement and Soda PDF, despite having reasonably good PDF editing tools. However, sometimes all it takes is an extra mouse click here and there to get things done.

Nitro Pro has a refreshingly straightforward pricing structure that is based on the number of users. If you need more than 20 licenses, you can contact the company for special pricing, and a 14-day fully functional trial is available to download.

5. Smallpdf

Best Word to PDF Converters of 2021| Free and Paid DOCX to PDF Converters

Smallpdf is an online PDF editor that also comes with a desktop version if you purchase the Pro package. If you only need to convert a few files between Word and PDF, this converter is a good option. Its basic features are free, but you can only convert one file at a time.

You can merge, split, and edit PDFs in addition to converting between Word and PDF. Because the editing features are quite limited, allowing you to only add text, images, and shapes, you should probably look into other converter options if you need to edit PDFs frequently.

The paid version of Smallpdf, which can be paid monthly or yearly, removes ads and file conversion restrictions. A 14-day free trial is available so you can try before you buy.

6. Adobe Acrobat DC

Best Word to PDF Converters of 2021| Free and Paid DOCX to PDF Converters

Adobe Acrobat DC is here to save you the trouble of copy-pasting content by providing you with the tools you need to convert PDFs to other editable formats such as DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, and PPT.

There will be no need for re-edits because all of the font and general formatting, including bullet points, tables, and any other type of content, will be preserved during this process.

Furthermore, working on complex PDF scans has never been easier or more enjoyable thanks to the built-in OCR feature.

When it’s not necessary to convert the entire PDF file, Adobe Acrobat DC can extract only the text you need and export it to your preferred document format.

You can choose to work on single files on the go, or use the batch convert feature to save time and effort when you need to convert multiple files at once.

7. iLove PDF

Best Word to PDF Converters of 2021| Free and Paid DOCX to PDF Converters

iLovePDF is a powerful PDF converter that reliably converts PDFs to JPG, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF/A, and vice versa. The user interface is extremely simple and intuitive, allowing even first-timers to use it without difficulty.

Its goal is to reduce the size of PDF files while maintaining the original quality. Working to convert one file at a time can be tedious, which is why you have the batch conversion feature at your disposal.

iLovePDF is one of the best PDF converter software available, with lightning-fast conversion speeds and no waiting times. This free PDF conversion tool’s incredible accuracy goes a long way toward preserving the original document’s layout flow and formatting.

You can always use this app to extract just the pages or page ranges that you need when you don’t need to convert the entire file.

8. KOFAX Power PDF

Best Word to PDF Converters of 2021| Free and Paid DOCX to PDF Converters

KOFAX Power PDF Converter is a well-known PDF converter, reader, viewer, and editor that provides a one-stop-shop for many users. It has a simple and straightforward interface that is ideal for PDF conversion.

You will be able to convert PDFs into original Microsoft Excel (XLS, XLSX), PowerPoint (PPT), and Word (DOC, DOCX) documents while maintaining the layout.

This top PDF converting software is also a full-featured resource that can resize PDFs without sacrificing quality and save them in a completely different format.

You have the option of encrypting the output files with passwords to restrict access when converting other files to PDF.

Furthermore, the accuracy of the PDF conversion provided by this KOFAX Power PDF software eliminates the need to retype documents. There is an OCR feature built-in to help you extract text data from scanned PDFs.

9. IceCream PDF Converter

Best Word to PDF Converters of 2021| Free and Paid DOCX to PDF Converters

Icecream PDF Converter allows you to convert Word, JPG, and ePub files to PDF, as well as merge multiple files into a single PDF file.

It does, however, offer the ability to convert PDFs, including password-protected PDFs, into other formats such as images, Microsoft Word documents, and other formats.

This is a Windows-only PDF converter with a slew of useful features, including batch processing and ready-to-use OCR for scanned PDFs.

This offline app lets you tweak the page size, orientation, margins, rotation, and general positioning of the content to give you complete control over the PDF conversion process.

You don’t have to waste time converting the entire document because you can select just the pages you need and export them to a format of your choice. Even better, you won’t be limited in any way when it comes to the file sizes you can convert with IceCream PDF.

Well, these are the best word to pdf converters available to convert DOCX to PDF right away. We hope this guide helped you.

If you liked this, make sure to check out the best free MS Office alternatives for MacFurthermore, if you have any questions or suggestions, please use the comment section below to contact us.

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