About Us

We love tech! We’re unabashedly geeky about the subject. Our opinions will therefore be presented in an objective and fair manner. That’s what Make Tech Quick is about.

Our experienced writers who operate from our offices in London, San Francisco, New York, Sydney, and India operate under Make Tech Quick’s 5-year-old policy of a cast-iron guarantee of editorial independence.

Make Tech Quick will tell you about the coolest new stuff. We’ll work hard to bring you original quotes and exclusive access. We’ll review it thoroughly and carefully.

We’ll explain how it works and why you buy it (or not). Then it’s up to you. Add your own comments and opinions. Review gear for yourself.

There’s no monopoly on the truth here – tell us what you think.

What to Expect from Make Tech Quick?

On this site, you will learn lots of computer tips and tricks that will change you into a computer geek (even without you knowing it).

Further, topics covered here include troubleshooting your computer, optimizing operating system performance (be it Windows, Mac, or Linux), simplifying tasks, software review, and plenty of cool stuff.

If you think that computer technology is only for geeks, then we aspire to change your thinking.

Meet the Team

Here’s everyone that makes Make Tech Quick possible:

Anubhav Roy – Chief Editor Anubhav Roy Make Tech Quick

I am the founder and chief editor of Make Tech Quick. I have completed my Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science Engineering and now pursuing a Master of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship. I fell in love with PC gaming since the advent of GTA Vice City and still continue playing new games. As of now, I am a full-time tech content writer and blogger at Make Tech Quick and Solve Tronix.

Arslan ShahbazSEO Specialist and Editor Arslan Shahbaz Make Tech Quick

Hello, I am the one for whom Make Tech Quick caught your attention. I am not joking, I am the SEO Specialist and Senior Editor at Make Tech Quick. I have completed my Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology. I have been in the SEO industry now for more than 5 years and have also founded many websites including Ilmibook. As a search engine optimization professional, I’m constantly immersed in the world of e-commerce and digital marketing.


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