How to Fix ChatGPT Something Went Wrong?

ChatGPT is the fastest-growing website on the entire World Wide Web. Since its inception, ChatGPT has managed to garner the attention of more than 10 Million users in just a matter of 3 months. However, not all users are happy with ChatGPT. Most users are getting Something went wrong when they type in a question. In this guide, we will look through different ways to fix ChatGPT something went wrong error and also discuss its causes.

How to Fix ChatGPT Something Went Wrong?

Why ChatGPT Says Something Went Wrong?

ChatGPT is all the rage these days. Consequently, a lot of users are trying their luck to use ChatGPT in any possible way. Since the servers are at full capacity, you may see Something went wrong when asking a question or waiting for a response.

As of now, there can be numerous reasons for ChatGPT to something went wrong. Some of the most common issues include:

  • ChatGPT Servers Are at Capacity: You may have already faced the Servers are at Capacity Right Now error. Although ChatGPT has let you enter the chatting interface, the servers are still at load.
  • Corrupt Cookies and Cache: While browsing, web browsers accumulate cookies and cache for faster response time. However, with time these cookies and cache get corrupt.
  • Slow Internet Speed: Due to the high demand, ChatGPT is working only for users who have stable high-speed internet.
  • VPN Problem: Many users think that if they use ChatGPT with the help of a VPN, they will be able to access ChatGPT. As it turns out, you are mistaken. VPNs are infamous for reducing speed, and with reduced speed, accessing ChatGPT will be impossible.

Well, these are the most common problems that cause ChatGPT to show the something went wrong error when the user gives an input.

How to Fix ChatGPT Something Went Wrong?

Here’s how you can fix ChatGPT’s something went wrong error. We have listed 5 ways to solve this. Make sure that you follow them in the order they are mentioned.

1. Check If ChatGPT is Down

As already mentioned, ChatGPT is the fastest-growing website. It is possible that the creators of ChatGPT weren’t already ready for this type of traffic. Consequently, ChatGPT servers are currently on an extra load and thus unable to work, and you are getting the error that something went wrong.

You can visit sites like DownDetector because they keep track of such outages. If you see the graph showing a lot of people reporting ChatGPT something went wrong and other kinds of outages, you can rest assured that there’s nothing wrong with you.

2. Check Your Internet Speed

How to Fix ChatGPT Something Went Wrong?

If your internet speed is slow, ChatGPT will keep showing something went wrong. This is because, currently, the user load is high. You will need a solid internet speed of at least 7-8 Mbps if you want to access ChatGPT seamlessly.

If you are using a wireless connection, try moving near the router. You can also try to switch to the 5GHz band instead of the traditional 2.4GHz. Make sure to check your internet speed at before speaking with your internet service provider.

3. Clear Cache and Cookies

ChatGPT is operable only on web browsers and not on any other application that we know of. Therefore, your browser’s cache and cookies have become stale, which is causing ChatGPT to not work correctly. Therefore, it is now time to clear the cache and cookies of your browser. Follow these steps to clear cache and cookies:

  1. Click on the three dots at the top right corner and click on Settings from the drop-down menu. How to Fix ChatGPT Something Went Wrong?
  2. From the left panel, click on Privacy & Security. How to Fix ChatGPT Something Went Wrong?
  3. Now click on Clear Browsing Data.
  4. In the next window that pops open, tick mark on Cookies and other site data and Cached images and files.
  5. Finally, click on Clear DataHow to Fix ChatGPT Something Went Wrong?

Now restart your browser, and you will be able to use ChatGPT without something went wrong error. However, after you clear the cache and cookies, you will see that you are logged out of OpenAI.

With that, when you try to log in again, OpenAI will tell you that ChatGPT is at Capacity. But that will go away after an hour. After that, you can log in again, and ChatGPT will start working.

4. Stop Using a VPN

If you have been using a VPN for a long time, it is now time to stop using it. VPNs are notorious for reducing internet speed and sometimes cause errors like Something went wrong.

5. Check for JavaScript Errors

If you have recently tried to copy text from a webpage where right-click is disabled, you may have turned off JavaScript. If that’s the case, ChatGPT will keep showing Something went wrong error. Follow these steps to enable JavaScript:

  1. Open your Browser and in the address bar, copy and paste this: chrome://settings/content/javascript and disable.
  2. Now select Sites can use JavaScriptHow to Fix ChatGPT Something Went Wrong?
  3. Restart your Browser.

Now ChatGPT will work without showing something went wrong error. If the error persists, you can speak with OpenAI by clicking on the Chat Bubble icon on


The Bottom Line

Well, that’s all we have here about how you can fix ChatGPT something went wrong error. We hope this guide has helped you. In the event that the above fixes haven’t helped, you can rest assured that the issue is on OpenAI’s end. Other than this, if you have any questions, make sure to comment below. If you are new, don’t forget to check out our other explainers, best lists, and how-to guides.

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