What Does the ‘X’ Next to a Snapchat Name Mean?

Just after Instagram, Snapchat is the most widely used social media application around the world. Interestingly, Snapchat has plenty of buttons and symbols that are difficult for users to remember. At the same time, Snapchat feels like a fairly easy-to-use application, once you dive into it, it seems to be the tip of the iceberg. One such button is the X that appears next to a Snapchat name.

Frequent Snapchat users might often notice a gray-colored X near a person’s name in the app. That X icon can have many meanings. Here’s our guide to help you understand everything about the X icon next to a Snapchat name.

What Does the ‘X’ Next to a Snapchat Name Mean?

The X symbol next to any Snapchat contact name may vary, and it all comes down to circumstances. For instance, seeing the X button next to a Snapchat name on the main screen means the person wants to be your friend and has sent you a friend request.

Sometimes, if you see a camera icon and an X beside that on the main chat screen, tapping that will bring up plenty of options that include removing from the friend list, blocking and reporting, and clearing chat conversations.

That means if a person has sent you a friend request, you will see an X or Cross button next to their name. If you press that button, the request will be canceled. However, the X button will only be visible until you accept the friend request.

If you tap on that person’s name, you will see two options: Okay and Report or Block. If you tap Okay, that person will be added to your friend list, while if you tap on Report or Block, we are sure you know what that means.

What does X Mean in Friends List?

If you allow Snapchat to access your contact list, you will see the contact names which are available on Snapchat but not added as your friends. In that case, tapping the X button will remove the suggestion of adding them as friends.

Nonetheless, if you think the person was already your friend, and you both used to share pictures, but now you only see the X button instead of the camera button, you can rest assured that person has removed you from their friend list. If you now press the X button, the person will simply be removed from that place.

However, to get sure whether that person has blocked you or not, you can open their profile and check whether to Add option is present or not. If it is not present, the person has blocked you. Remember this when the person tries to send you a friend request again.

What Does Grey X Mean Next to a Snapchat Name?

Literally, the normal X and the grey X both generally mean the same thing because both are grey in color. Actually, the X, in general, is grey in color because of the whole Snapchat interface. Therefore, it all depends on where you see the X button.

What Happens if you tap X?

If you see X on the home page of Snapchat, tapping X will cancel the friend request and give you the option to block and report. You can block the user if you don’t wish to receive a friend request from that person again. This option is especially useful in case of an ex trying to get back to you. You know what to do now!

What Do Other Buttons Mean on Snapchat?

Aside from the X icon beside a person’s name, you will notice there are several other buttons and icons on the chat screen that might seem confusing for a beginner. You might also see the X icon beside your My AI on Snapchat.

You should remember that these icons are color-coded, which makes them easy to understand. While the Red color means a snap without audio, the purple means a snap with audio. Furthermore, blue simply means to chat with that person.

Besides, if you have recently sent a snap to a friend and it appears to be colored, it means that person hasn’t opened the snap yet. Similarly, if that person opens the snap, the color then changes to a hollow arrow.

Sometimes you mee notice gray icons. A gray arrow denotes the person who hasn’t accepted your friend request, while a gray hollow square means that you have an expired or pending chat from a user.

The Bottom Line

Well, that’s all you need to know about the X button next to a Snapchat name. We hope this guide has helped you. The X icon next to a Snapchat name isn’t a bug or you haven’t done anything wrong.

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