13 Best Google Chrome Alternatives

As of April 2023, Google Chrome has a 72% share of the total browser market, according to Statista. On the other hand, the Mozilla Firefox web browser, which is the second most popular browser in the world, only has an 8.21 percent market share. However, since Google Chrome consumes a lot of resources, users are now thinking about the best Google Alternatives they can download and use in 2023.

Interestingly, the amount of data is sufficient to demonstrate the overwhelming dominance that Google Chrome enjoys in the browser space. Having said that, despite its dominance, it is not without flaws, as it has its fair share of issues to contend with. The most significant issue with Chrome is that it consumes excessive resources.

Second, and perhaps most concerning to us, are the privacy concerns associated with the use of the Google Chrome browser. Google is a behemoth in the data collection industry, and as Chrome users, we are essentially handing over control of our entire web browsing history to the company. With that being said, here we have listed the top 13 Google Chrome alternatives you can download and use in 2024.

Best Google Chrome Alternatives You Should Use in 2023

13 Best Google Chrome Alternatives

If you would like to switch from Google Chrome for any of the reasons listed above or for another reason, you have arrived at the correct location.

Throughout this guide, we will discuss the ten best Google Chrome alternatives that you can use to browse the internet in 2024, with a focus on mobile devices. Along with that, we have provided the download links for the browsers below.

1. Mozilla Firefox Quantum

Best Google Chrome Alternatives You Should Use in 2023

A time when Google Chrome had significant speed advantages over other browsers, making it difficult to recommend any other browser despite its flaws, had come to an end. That, however, is no longer the case anymore.

As a result of the release of Firefox Quantum, the widely used Firefox browser has now reached the same level of performance as Google Chrome, if not higher, in some areas.

Firefox Quantum has been built from the ground up with a brand new and powerful engine that delivers lightning-fast performance. Wen practice, this means that users will benefit from faster and better loading times while using less computer memory. Firefox also resolves one of the most significant issues we encounter when using the Google Chrome browser, which is the excessive use of memory.

Firefox Quantum is extremely resource-efficient, and even after opening a slew of tabs at the same time, we experienced no noticeable system slowdown. It is claimed that Firefox consumes 30 percent less memory than Google Chrome, and while we cannot verify this claim, we have noticed significant improvements in the performance of the browser.

Firefox also makes improvements to the experience of browsing privately on the internet. Not only does the browser delete all of your data after your private browsing session has ended, but it also blocks online trackers, which follow you around the internet in order to serve you ads on different websites.

Wen the event that you are looking for a Chrome alternative and haven’t tried Firefox in a while, we strongly advise you to do so. We are confident that you will not return.

Download: Mozilla Firefox

2. Brave Browser

Best Google Chrome Alternatives You Should Use in 2023

Brave Browser is currently our favorite browser, and we use it for all of our browsing needs and requirements. The browser has a lot going for it in terms of features. The most appealing aspect of Brave Browse is that, while it is similar in features and speed to Google Chrome, it places a strong emphasis on privacy.

With Brave Browser, you get the best of both worlds in one convenient package. First and foremost, Brave Browser is an exact replica of Google Chrome in terms of features. It should come as no surprise, given that it is built on the same Chromium engine that powers Google Chrome. When you switch from Chrome to Brave, you will immediately feel at ease because it has a navigation structure that is nearly identical to Chrome’s.

You won’t have to worry about anything because the browser supports all of the Chrome extensions. All of this is beneficial, but the reason why we are recommending this browser is because of its privacy features. Brave Browser comes pre-installed with an ad and tracking blocker, as well as an HTTPS upgrader.

That is, it will protect you from advertisements, tracking pixels, and nefarious websites without you having to take any action on your part. When you want to browse the internet anonymously, you can use Brave’s supercharged incognito mode, which hides your IP address by using the Tor anonymization network.

We’ve been using Brave Browser for the past few months, and We have to say that it is one of the best Google Chrome alternatives available on the market at the moment.

Download: Brave Browser

3. Opera

Best Google Chrome Alternatives You Should Use in 2023

Another excellent alternative to Google Chrome is the Opera browser, which is based on the same Chromium architecture as Google Chrome and is therefore compatible with both of them. What this means is that you will find many features that are similar to those found in Chrome on this website.

Because even long-time Chrome users will feel right at home here, this is a positive development. Apart from bringing features that are similar to Chrome, Opera also brings its own set of features that distinguish this browser from the competition.

Our favorite Opera feature is the built-in unlimited VPN tool, which we use almost exclusively. Not only is the tool effective when it comes to unlocking region-locked content, but it also contributes to your privacy protection by masking your WeP address in the process.

Opera also includes an integrated ad-blocker, which allows you to browse the internet without being bombarded with advertisements. Another useful feature of Opera is the Opera Turbo Mode, which, when enabled, significantly reduces the amount of data transmitted.

Because of this, users with limited internet data connections will benefit from not only faster load times but also less data consumption, making it ideal for them. Another feature is the battery saver mode, which reduces the amount of battery consumption by the browser, allowing you to get up to 50% more battery life.

As you can see, Opera has a plethora of features that can be extremely useful, and if you’re looking for a Chrome alternative, you should definitely give it a try.

Download: Opera

4. Tor Browser

Best Google Chrome Alternatives You Should Use in 2023

If you place a high value on your privacy above all else, the Tor Browser is the tool for you. As We mentioned in the introduction to this article, one of Our personal major concerns about using Chrome is the way it collects and uses data about me and Our activities.

With Tor Browser, you won’t have to be concerned about any of these issues. As a result, when you use the Tor Browser, no one can track your activities on the internet, and you can browse the internet completely anonymously. The Tor Browser achieves this by bouncing your communications around a distributed network of relays run by volunteers all around the world.

That means that if someone is spying on your internet connection, they will not be able to figure out which websites you are browsing through. Not only that, but the browser also prevents websites from learning about your physical location and allows you to access websites that are blocked in your area.

Tor is also the browser that allows you to access the Deep Web, but We do not recommend that you do so if you are unfamiliar with the subject matter. By following the links, you will be able to learn more about the Deep Web and the Dark Web.

Having said that, you should experiment with them at your own risk. Finally, it should be noted that for anonymous browsing, there is no better browser available than Tor (The Onion Router).

Download: Tor Browser

5. Vivaldi

Best Google Chrome Alternatives You Should Use in 2023

While Google Chrome is highly customizable, the extent to which it can be customized is limited. Using Vivaldi is the best choice if you want a browser that can be customized to look and behave exactly the way you want it to, without sacrificing functionality.

Vivaldi has gained popularity in recent months due to the fact that it provides a plethora of customizability features that are not available in any other browser. For starters, you can use highly customizable themes to give your browser a look and feel that is entirely unique to your preferences.

Not only that, but you can also set up a schedule to automatically change the theme of your browser throughout the day. The browser also includes an editable sidebar, which allows users to add any website they see fit to the list of options.

This includes your favorite chat apps, social feeds, and news websites, among other things. You can add as many websites as you want. You can even rearrange the positions of those websites with the help of a simple drag and drop tool.

Vivaldi’s adaptive interface is one of our favorite features, and it’s one of the reasons why. The main color of the website you are viewing is picked up by the browser and used as an accent color on the page you are viewing.

Some of the browser’s other features include the ability to save open tabs as sessions, a built-in fully functional notes extension, excellent keyboard shortcuts and mouse gestures for navigation, and a host of other things.

The browser also provides an extra layer of security for its users because it never tracks or collects any information about them. As part of its ongoing development, Vivaldi is working on end-to-end encryption of your data while syncing across devices, which is expected to be released soon.

Overall, We find this browser to be quite functional, and if you are looking for a browser that allows you to customize the way it looks and behaves, you should consider using it.

Download: Vivaldi

6. Microsoft Edge

Best Google Chrome Alternatives You Should Use in 2023

Microsoft Edge on Chromium is the company’s most recent attempt to create a successful browser for the Windows operating system. Following the failure of Internet Explorer and the lukewarm reception received by Microsoft Edge, the company has finally conceded to the superiority of Google Chrome’s underlying engine and is now basing its Edge browser on the same technology as Google Chrome.

The new Microsoft Edge browser is powered by the same Chromium engine as Google Chrome, which means it is very similar to Google Chrome in terms of features, speed, and appearance. Microsoft Edge on Chromium is currently in beta and is expected to be released in its final form before the end of the year.

In spite of a few minor bugs here and there, the browser has proven to be quite stable for me over the last few weeks of testing. The best part about this browser is that, in contrast to Google Chrome, it does not place a significant strain on your computer’s resources. Furthermore, because it is compatible with the entire Google Chrome Extensions library, we had no difficulty switching from Google Chrome to it.

Of course, Microsoft has also built-in features such as cross-platform synchronization using a Microsoft account, Microsoft News, and other useful tools to the mix. The new Microsoft Edge browser is very similar to the Google Chrome browser. We just hope that this version of Edge isn’t as tracking-friendly as the previous version was.

Although Microsoft Edge comes as a default browser with Windows 10 and 11, you can still download it from the below-given link.

Download: Microsoft Edge

7. Avant

Best Google Chrome Alternatives You Should Use in 2023

When switching from a lazy and resource-hogging browser that is not Google Chrome, Avant is a good option to consider. The browser is compatible with Windows and uses the same primary source code as the popular Internet Explorer browser, according to the developers.

This browser can be used either as a standalone browser or as an add-on, and it includes updated tools and functions that Microsoft no longer supports.

Instead of closing your tabs and activities each time you close the browser, Avant saves them so that they are available the next time you open the browser again. In addition, it updates itself automatically, as opposed to Chrome, which requires you to choose whether to update manually or automatically each time.

In addition, unlike Chrome, Avant protects against malicious downloads and phishing schemes, and it has a slick user interface and fast page loading times.


Apart from being fast, the browser is also reasonably secure. Avant Force has spent the last couple of years concentrating on user privacy features, which has resulted in Avant Browser becoming a haven for those who are concerned about their privacy.

For starters, Avant automatically prevents ad trackers from following you around websites, thwarting their attempts to gather information about your browsing habits and preferences. In other words, if you search for shoes on Amazon, you will not see any shoe advertisements for the next couple of days.

Download: Avant

8. Torch Browser

Best Google Chrome Alternatives You Should Use in 2023

Rather than using a third-party software to download everything you want from the internet, if you are someone who downloads a lot of media from the internet and is constantly on the lookout for software that can assist you, why not try using a browser that can download everything you want without the use of any third-party software?

Torch Browser, on the other hand, does exactly that, and it does it exceptionally well. The browser includes a built-in media grabber that displays a download button next to videos hosted on any website, allowing you to quickly and easily download media for offline viewing.

One of the most useful features of the Torch browser is that it includes a built-in media player, which allows you to watch videos that have not yet been completely downloaded to your computer. Torch Browser also includes built-in support for torrents, allowing users to download torrent files without the need for any additional software or plugins.

In addition, the browser includes a music extension that allows users to listen to their favorite music without having to pay anything to do so. Finally, there’s a game extension that allows users to access and play browser-based games for no cost whatsoever.

Torch Browser is the best browser for entertainment and a worthy alternative to Google Chrome for those who enjoy watching movies and television shows.

Download: Torch Browser

9. Epic Privacy Browser

Best Google Chrome Alternatives You Should Use in 2023

Epic Privacy Browser is yet another Google Chrome alternative that places a strong emphasis on protecting the personal information of its users. Inbuilt protection against thousands of tracking scripts, tracking cookies and other trackers, ad networks, cryptocurrency mining scripts, dangerous malvertising, and third-party widgets are included in the web browser’s core functionality.

According to their website, on average, the browser prevents more than 600 trackers from being loaded into the browser during a single browsing session. That number alone should make you wary of using a browser such as Chrome, which does not include any ad track blocking features by default.

When you activate Epic’s one-click encryption tool, your IP address is hidden and your browsing data is encrypted. This is one of the most important features of the service. Most importantly, even DNS requests are routed through the encrypted proxy, which is a significant security advantage.

This shields your browsing history from prying eyes such as your Internet service provider, your employer, the government, data collectors, and other network snoops. if you want to protect yourself from all of those annoying trackers that follow you around the internet and collect information about you, Epic Privacy Browser is the perfect solution for you.

Download: Epic Privacy Browser

10. Slimjet

Best Google Chrome Alternatives You Should Use in 2023

If you’re tired of seeing a barrage of advertisements when you’re surfing the web, Slimjet is a Chrome alternative for you. The browser automatically blocks all advertisements and ad-tracking scripts that track your movements across websites.

The browser is based on the same Chromium project that Google Chrome is based on, but it does not send any information about you to Google. Slimjet is also equipped with the most cutting-edge anti-tracking technology to thwart a variety of intrusion attempts on your personal information.

In addition, the browser provides protection against phishing and malware, advanced privacy control options, a robust sandboxed environment, and a multi-process architecture to users.

An integrated high-speed download manager allows you to download multiple files at the same time without affecting the overall internet speed of your computer or laptop. Slimjet is a web browser that should be considered if none of the above options meet your requirements.

Download: Slimjet

11. Chromium

Best Google Chrome Alternatives You Should Use in 2023

CHROMIUM is an open-source web browser project with the goal of making the web a more secure, faster, and more stable experience for everyone who visits it. If you have never heard of Chromium before, you will be surprised to learn that the majority of your favorite browsers, including Google Chrome and Opera, are built on the Chromium platform.

What distinguishes Chromium from other browsers, such as Google Chrome and Opera, is the fact that it is an open-source project, which means that anyone can potentially review its source code. Chromium is also the default browser for many Linux distributions, which only support open-source projects and therefore use it as their default browser.

In addition, the Chromium browser is more private than the Chrome browser because it does not collect user data. However, by using the extension store, you will be providing the developers of the extensions with some type of information. Chromium is the best open-source Google Chrome alternative available, and you should give it a try if you have not already.

Download: Chromium

12. Avast Secure Browser

Best Google Chrome Alternatives You Should Use in 2023

This browser is provided by Avast, a company that specializes in software security solutions. It is the best Google Chrome alternative because it provides both privacy and speed at the same time.

Avast Secure Browser can automatically block and hide online advertisements, which can significantly reduce the time it takes for a website to load. Because of its advanced built-in security, you can browse, shop, and bank on any website without fear of being compromised.

Other advantages include the prevention of user fingerprinting and the sending of notification alerts in the event of a password leak. Aside from security, the browser is also jam-packed with features that make it easy to use. It is extremely fast, and it automatically transfers your bookmarks, history, and settings from Chrome to the new application.

Download: Avast Secure Browser

13. Maxthon Cloud Browser

Best Google Chrome Alternatives You Should Use in 2023

The next Chrome alternative on our list takes a different approach than the majority of browsers in 2024, as shown in the screenshot above. While other browsers pare down their features in order to provide a faster and more minimalistic experience, Maxthon does the inverse, packing in as many useful features as possible to make browsing more enjoyable.

The media downloader, screen capture tool, Reader mode, and other such extra and useful features are just a few examples. The usual synchronization features such as bookmarks, tabs, options, the address bar, and new-tab links are also included. You can also sync notes and passwords with this program.

Maxthon, on the other hand, lags behind Chrome and Firefox in terms of important aspects of the user interface and performance. Also, if privacy is a greater concern for you than features, We would advise you to avoid using this web browser altogether. Check out our comprehensive guide to the Windows 11 apps and software that will be essential in 2024.

Download: Maxthon Cloud Browser

The Bottom Line

Well, that’s all we have here about the best Google Chrome alternatives you should be using in 2024. We hope this guide has helped you. However, if you have any other suggestions about other Chrome alternatives that we haven’t covered, make sure to comment below. Also, if you are having trouble with Google Chrome, check out the fix Google Chrome back button not working and how you can fix Google Chrome advanced settings not showing. You can also check about the ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED error that usually disturbs users.

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