Top 20 Hot Anime Guys

Anime has provided us with some of the most memorable characters ever. Some of the most handsome and beautiful men from these films have passed away, and it’s time to remember them. Maybe they’ll get you to watch more Anime because of their good looks! They appear in no particular order, so how can you rate such a wide range of characters? Keep reading to know about the top 20 hot anime guys people have ever seen.

Top 20 Hot and Sexiest Anime Guys

Here are the top 20 hot and sexiest anime guys you would fall in love with. Keep reading to know all of them and watch their series or movies.

1. Wizard Howl

Hot Anime Guys

Howl Jenkins screamed. Pendragon is a wizard who lives in the land of Ingary and wields tremendous power. To maintain his anonymity, he has been known to spread rumors about himself and his mobile castle. You might have seen him in Howl’s Moving Castle as it is one of the best romance anime movies.

Howl’s hair is blonde and his eyes are blue. In addition to his pale skin, he has an elongated and lean frame. He’s a recluse, but he’s also very wise and dependable. In the film, it is also shown that different hair dyes can change his hair color. He has a good-looking exterior, but a good heart underneath it all.

2. Natsu

Hot Anime Guys

The Fairy Tail Guild’s Mage Natsu Dragneel. He is undoubtedly one of the hottest anime guys you can find. As far as we know, his skin is perfectly bronzed and the color of his hair is pink and spiky. Deep black eyes contrast with his razor-sharp canines. Natsu Dragneel is one of the hot anime guys you would love.

In spite of his small stature, he is incredibly well-built. With his scarf, he hides his scar on the right side of his neck, but not much of his six-pack is hidden.

3. Hak

Hot Anime Guys

Hak is a former Wind Tribe General and Chief. Just to sum it up: he is tall, handsome, and utterly seductive. Blue-eyed beauty and messy black hair make him irresistible. He has a body that we can all admire because of the years of training he has put into it.

You can find Hak always dressed in blue. Interestingly, blue brings out his eyes and complements his best features. Last but not the least, Hak is unknowingly one of the sexiest anime guys.

4. L

Hot Anime GuysThe characters in Death Note are so well-developed and depicted in this popular Anime. A well-respected detective, L, is after Kira.

As a result of his petite frame, L has dark, brooding eyes as well as a messy black hairstyle that always falls in place. Due to his insomnia, he has dark shadows under each of his eyes.

He’s always dressed down in a white long-sleeve shirt and blue jeans, and he’s almost always barefoot. His good looks go hand in hand with his work ethic, so it’s hard not to admire him for both.

5. Tomoe

Hot Anime Guys

This is evident in Tomoe’s appearance, which is a fox-signature yokai’s look. He attracts admirers wherever he goes because of his stunning good looks.

Silver white-haired, he is a young man in his twenties. In the last few episodes, he’s allowed his hair to get longer. His eyes and ears are angled in the same manner as those of a fox. The color of his eyes is violet, and they darken when he is in a state of high emotional stress. His white, fluffy fox tail completes his fox look.

6. Yato

Hot Anime Guys

Despite being known as the God of War and Calamity, Yato regards himself as the God of Fortune or Happiness. He’s a handsome young man, to say the least. His large, piercing blue eyes are illuminated by his dark hair, which appears to have a blue-purple hue.

His height is about average, and he frequently sports an odd navy tracksuit with a gold crown sewn into the right side pocket. Our favorite thing about him is his eyes.

7. Edward Elric

Hot Anime Guys

Since he became the youngest State Alchemist ever, Edward has been consumed by the quest to find the Philosopher’s Stone and all its secrets. Due to a botched human transmutation attempt, he lost his right arm and left leg.

To make himself appear taller, Edward puts on weight. A braided mane of long golden-blonde hair usually cascades down the back of his neck. He has bangs that frame his face.

Despite his diminutive stature, he has a beautiful face and a brilliant intellect.

8. Takashi Morinozuka

Hot Anime Guys

Tough and silent, Takashi fits the bill. In addition to being extremely intelligent and observant, he doesn’t speak much. His towering presence has a wild side to it, as does his bearded face.

Takashi’s dark, stormy eyes and spiky black hair set him apart. He stands out from the rest of the cast because of his darker skin tone. Unbuttoning his Ouran Academy blazer, he always has Honey by his side.

9. Light Yagami

Hot Anime Guys

An bored young genius is all he is before his world is turned upside-down. However, it is his transformation into the notorious serial killer Sira that adds so much intrigue to his character.

Above-average in stature, with light brown hair and brown eyes, Light Yagami is a striking young man. When he’s at school, he always wears his uniform. He’s a hard worker and a talented artist, and his intellect makes him even more appealing.

10. Gojou Satoru

Hot Anime Guys

An instructor in the show is this beast from Jujutsu Kaisen. Everyone adores him, and when a character accomplishes something as remarkable as this, you know you’ve found something special. Critically acclaimed as one of the sexiest anime guys with white hair, Gojou Sataru is really special.

Though it’s not uncommon for girls to declare him their husband in the real world. Why? His alluring looks, quirky demeanor, God-like strength, and of course his stunning eyes have endeared him to female fans all over the world.

11. Minato Namikaze

Hot Anime Guys

For his quickness, Minato is a beloved figure. He has a keen eye for detail as well as a calm demeanor. He is the father of Naruto, and the two share a striking resemblance. Both of them have blue eyes and spiky blonde hair. With his jaw-length bangs, he can show off all that he has to offer.

He wore a plain Konoha uniform with two sleeve bands, a blue forehead protector, and a green flak jacket as his only personal accessories on the battlefield.

12. Karma Akabane

Hot Anime Guys

In the end, Karma Akabane isn’t a kid you bring home. This young man was expelled from school because of his violent tendencies.

He has a pale complexion and short red hair. Mercury or gold appear to be the colors of his eyes. He may appear innocent at first, but his canine teeth reveal a sadistic side to him.

He’s the only one at school who wears a black blazer, and he wants to be noticed. We can see why he’s considered the class’s most attractive male student.

13. Naruto Uzumaki

Hot Anime Guys

Naruto is a member of the Uzumaki Clan of shinobi in Konohagakure. And for good reason: he’s one of the most well-known characters in the world.

Exuberant and out-of-the-box in his approach to life, this man is a joy to be around. In addition to his stunningly blue eyes, Naruto sports blond, stand-up spiky hair. On each cheek, he has three distinct whisker striations. When he was younger, he wore green goggles, but as a genin, he no longer wears them.

He wears a T-shirt with his trademark swirls and orange pants. His hair is kept up in a bun by a black forehead protector.

14. Tamaki Suoh

Hot Anime Guys

The Ouran Host Club’s president is Tamaki, a young man. On the surface, he appears conceited and self-absorbed, but he is a devoted and loyal friend.

In addition to his gorgeous pale-blonde hair and violet-colored eyes, he is hafu (half Japanese, half French). As a tall, slender, and fashionable man, he likes to dress in haute couture.

He is a handsome and charismatic prince who knows how to show off both his looks and his princely demeanor. His role is to provide comic relief, but there is more to him than meets the eye, and he does so in a way that is both charming and professional.

15. Haruka Nanase

Hot Anime Guys

Haruka is a talented swimmer and an accomplished athlete in his own right, as well. He has a well-defined physique and a spotless appearance. Despite his piercing blue eyes, his hair is straight black.

He has a reputation for being a stern person because he doesn’t like to show his emotions. He wears his jammers under his regular school attire so that he is always ready to go for a swim.

His biceps, triceps, and abs are out of this world. With his clean-cut athletic appearance and a handsome face, he is always depicted in simple clothing. Those of you who are a fan of clean-cut men and athletes will love him!

16. Nagisa Shiota

Hot Anime Guys

Nagisa is a natural assassin who attends Korosensei’s Class 3-E of Kunugigaoka Junior High School.

If you only looked at him, you wouldn’t be able to tell he was an assassin. He’s a petite, lean guy. However, the way he appears is intriguing. His hair and eyes are a stunning shade of blue. To our relief, his mother makes him wear his hair long. It’s just too pretty to lop off!

In the classroom, he wears his hair in pigtails, which can make him appear more feminine. Despite his delicate appearance, he is deadly because of his abilities. It’s a wonderful concoction.

17. Kirito

Hot Anime Guys

Sword Art Online’s protagonist, Kirito, is also known as Kirigaya Kazuto or Narusaka Kazuto. Kirito is a zen-like character who relishes teasing and enraging those around him. Even with all of his friends, his moods are unpredictable.

His character in the game has a lot of sex appeal. The protagonist is a tall, handsome man with neat, dark hair. It’s hard to tell if his eyes are brown or black because they’re so dark. In his everyday attire, he sports a black V-neck shirt, black pants, a black belt with a silver buckle, and a black trench coat. Simple and effective, but also visually appealing and approachable.

18. Claude Faustus

Hot Anime Guys

With his glasses, Claude looks tall, handsome, and distinguished. In addition to his golden eyes, he has short black hair. Interestingly, he has a tongue so long that it extends past the bridge of his nose. Widely acclaimed as one of the sexiest anime guys with glasses.

When he is in close proximity to Alois, the contract seal on his left hand is clearly visible. It’s spider-like in shape, and it’s Claude’s demon form. This makes sense in light of his stature and physique. Apathetic and emotionless, he undergoes a bizarre transformation after tasting the blood of Ciel Phantomhive.

19. Near

Hot Anime Guys

He is one of the two potential successors raised in Wammy’s House for gifted children, the other being Nate Rivers (also known as Near). Young and with white shaggy hair, we can tell he’s male. Near is one of the hot anime guys with white hair and belive us he looks stunning.

His grey eyes reveal a sageness that belies his age. No other clothes besides a white pajama top with long white pants are ever seen on him. As the series progresses, he’s grown into his own shape, with sharp bags under his eyes and long hair sprouting from his scalp.

You can tell he’s smart just by looking at him. Beautiful, almost delicate white rose-like coloring in his light and dark skin tones.

20. Tomoya Okazaki

Hot Anime Guys

Tomoya is a 17-year-old junior in his third year of high school when the series opens. You have seen him in Clannad, which is again, one of the most romantic anime series.

After growing up with an alcoholic father, his outlook on life became cynical and sarcastic. Due to his mother’s death in a car accident, they are now the only ones living at home.

As much as he dislikes it, his father is to blame for his good looks. They are all born with tanned skin as well as spiky blue hair and deep blue eyes. Because of his build, he appears to be taller than he is. Tomoya isn’t overly muscular, but he’s more than capable of handling himself.

Well, that’s all we have here with the top 20 sexiest and hot anime guys all over the anime world. Keep this page bookmarked as we will keep this page updated as soon as new hot anime guys come into stardom.

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