Is GoGoAnime Safe and Legal?

The worldwide fanbase for anime continues to grow and it is always tempting to use a free service like GoGoAnime to watch multiple episodes of your favorite series at once. But the question of GoGoAnime being a safe and legal choice to watch anime still remains a question of debate. Here’s everything you need to know about GoGoAnime and what you can do around this.

Is GoGoAnime Safe and Legal?

What is GoGoAnime?

GoGoAnime is a website that provides free online streaming of many popular anime series. Users are not required to sign up for the service before using it. To avoid being taken down, the website has changed its URL several times. There are some potentially dangerous websites that can be reached by entering incorrect URLs.

Is GoGoAnime Safe and Legal?

You should know right off the bat that using GoGoAnime puts your computer in serious danger of contracting malware. There are a lot of advertisements on the site, and if you click on the wrong one, you could end up with malware on your computer. Many of the ads promote adult content websites, and clicking on what seems to be a safe area can lead to a surprise. Unfortunately, Adblock does not eliminate all of the site’s advertisements.

Access to GoGoAnime has been blocked in some countries, including India, for encouraging piracy.

GoGoAnime does not have the authorization to host anime from the studios. Anime production companies require legal streaming sites like Crunchyroll and Funimation to pay licensing fees in order to stream their works. The industry as a whole benefits from these funds. Studios and creators lose actual cash every time someone watches pirated content. Production companies will be encouraged to increase budgets if they know that legal streaming sites will receive financial support. Because of this, they will be able to pay their animators and staff more.

The process of making an anime series is complex. Bringing a story to life requires a lot of hard work from animators, writers, translators, and other staff members. The temptation to illegally download TV episodes is understandable, but remember that someone has to pay for their work. If you want to show some appreciation and make sure the creators of an anime series get paid for their efforts, the best way to do that is to watch it the legal way.

Where to Watch Anime Legally

In 2022, it’s not hard to locate a legitimate venue at which to watch anime. Every day, more shows are given the green light to be licensed, and some series are even being streamed for free.

For good reason, Crunchyroll is the go-to destination for watching anime online. The site hosts more than a thousand anime episodes and films. It was recently announced that Funimation titles would also be making their way to Crunchyroll over the coming months. Prices for monthly subscriptions start at just $7.99. This fee also covers access to live broadcasts and simultaneous publication of new works. (Crunchyroll also features manga!)

There are some legitimate and free anime series available to watch on YouTube. Several Japanese studios have started giving away some of their shows to foreign audiences for free as a way to combat piracy. If you are worried about security and privacy, make sure to check out whether cracked games are safe to download or not.

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