12 Smartest Characters In Hunter x Hunter

Complex power systems, twists, and antagonizing hierarchies were never a problem for the classic battle anime. On top of that, the protagonist of Hunter X Hunter is so naive that he has no idea where the plot is taking him as he battles his way through the complicated world of Hunter X Hunter. That’s where the smartest characters in Hunter x Hunter come into the scene.

Fortunately, the characters around Gon balance out his naivety. Killua, Wing, and even Ging Freecss, Gon’s father, have all done enough exploring of this vast world to ensure that Gon is always on the right path. Hunter x Hunter’s list of smartest characters includes those who aren’t swayed or perplexed by the show’s power structure, plot twists, or antagonistic hierarchical structures. Nevertheless, here’s our guide to the 12 smartest characters in Hunter x Hunter.

Smartest Characters In Hunter X Hunter

12 Smartest Characters In Hunter X Hunter

Because there are so many intelligent characters in Hunter x Hunter, it’s hard to tell who’s the smartest of the bunch. Here is a list of the 10 characters in Hunter x Hunter who are unmatched in terms of mental prowess.

1. Mereum

Smartest Characters In Hunter X Hunter

Mereum is Hunter X Hunter’s smartest character in terms of processing power and intelligence. He defeats Go, Shogi and Gungi world champions in just a few days of existence for the King of the Chimera’s mind. After watching Mereum go on a killing spree, the short board gaming arc may have seemed like a strange change of pace, but it shows the gap between the Chimera King’s intelligence and human intelligence.

When Mereum discovers Nen, he masters it quickly and uses it to defeat some of the most powerful Nen users ever to have existed. In Hunter X Hunter, Mereum is a major threat, and his intelligence is a major part of that.

2. Maha Zoldyck

Smartest Characters In Hunter X Hunter

Maha Zoldyck has the least amount of screen time in the 2011 anime Hunter X Hunter of any of the characters on this list. Because of the Zoldycks’ collective intelligence and strength, Maha’s intelligence can be taken for granted.

For those who admire Killua and Zeno’s wisdom, they must also admire Maha Zoldyck’s intellect. For more than a century, the Zoldyck family’s oldest member has been kicking it in Hunter X Hunter’s world. Even if there is no hard evidence to prove that he is truly smart, the amount of information he could have gathered in this time is worth mentioning.

3. Isaac Netero

Smartest Characters In Hunter X Hunter

It’s easy to dismiss the 12th Chairman of the Hunter Association as a crazy old man, but his command of Nen proves that he’s one of the show’s most capable and knowledgeable characters. Issac is easily one of the smartest characters in Hunter X Hunter.

A further sign of his intelligence is his ability to recognize good and bad traits in people quickly, as well as his respectful demeanor. He sees Gon and Killua’s strengths before anyone else, except viewers. In addition, he was able to share a meal with the Zoldyck family, a group of assassins who make it difficult for anyone but members of their own family to get close to them.

4. Zeno Zoldyck

Smartest Characters In Hunter X Hunter

The Zoldycks are a formidable force in the world of Hunter X Hunter despite being a family that is completely self-sufficient. It’s clear every time Killua’s grandfather Zeno appears on screen that his family is deserving of the respect of the rest of the world. Zoldycks is undoubtedly one of the smartest characters in Hunter X Hunter.

The elderly man’s quick wit, respect for others, and fluency in Nen demonstrate his intelligence, and this behavior has not gone unnoticed. While there are many other Zoldycks who could have been included on this list, Killua and Zeno recognize that good manners and consideration for others are just as important to intelligence as facts and figures.

5. Hisoka

Smartest Characters In Hunter X Hunter

This is both a terrifying and enlightening first encounter with Hisoka. When the fake examiner fools nearly everyone else, Hisoka shows his wits and strength by seeing right through the ruse. He’ll be one of the most capable and well-informed characters in the series from now on.

Nen is so important to Hisoka that he devised his own test to help him identify his opponents’ Nen type during combat. This method is less accurate than the Water Divination test, but it compensates for this by being more versatile.

6. Pariston Hil

Smartest Characters In Hunter X Hunter

Sleight-of-hand and cunning, Pariston Hill is. It’s nearly impossible to figure out what he’s thinking when he’s so unpredictable. Moreover, he is one of the very few characters in the series capable of outsmarting Ging in terms of brain power.

Three years in a vice chairmanship allowed him to secretly control the entire Hunter Association to his advantage. Even though Ging was able to deduce some of Pariston’s plans, he still doesn’t know how he thinks or what drives him.

7. Ging Freecss

Smartest Characters In Hunter X Hunter

Gon’s biological father, Ging Freecss, is a mysterious figure. Hunter X Hunter’s protagonist has only one character motivation throughout the entire series: to find his father. Of course, Ging is one of the smartest characters in Hunter X Hunter.

It takes Gon until episode 146 of the anime series, despite this obvious character motivation, for Gon to find his father. Fans are forced to consider that Ging Freecss may have planned Gon’s entire journey from the beginning when the two finally meet. Going by this, Gon’s father is a brilliant strategist who knows a great deal about the Hunter X Hunter universe.

8. Chrollo Lucilfer

Smartest Characters In Hunter X Hunter

There are many different power structures that threaten Chrollo Lucilfer and the Phantom Troupe as they make their way through the Yorknew City arc. Furthermore, Chrollo has a mastery of Nen, making his Nen stealing ability terrifyingly powerful. Chrollo is obviously one of the smartest characters in Hunter X Hunter.

By stealing the items intended for the underground auction, Chrollo proves his ability as a strategic thinker throughout the Yorknew City Arc. A little mercy and a little intelligence helped Chrollo escape Yorknew with both his life and his money, despite Zoldyck’s intervention and the betrayal of Mysoka.

9. Biscuit Krueger

Smartest Characters In Hunter X Hunter

Known also as “Bisky,” Biscuit Krueger is a master of Nen rudiments. During the Greed Island arc, she served as Ging’s Nen teacher and later as Gon and Killua’s Nen teacher. Bisky is one of the thicc anime girls you can find.

Using her knowledge of Nen and analytical skills, she was able to quickly determine the monsters’ weaknesses on Greed Island. Throughout the series, many of her predictions about combat have come to pass.

10. Wing

Smartest Characters In Hunter X Hunter

Last few episodes of the Hunter Exam Arc feature an entity known as Nen that completely paralyzes the series’ best characters. For the time being, Gon and Killua’s powers remain unchanged until Zushi and Wing are introduced. Interestingly, Wing is among the hot anime guys you can find in the animeverse.

Wing, on the other hand, is an expert on Nen and Aura. In spite of his disheveled appearance, he knows what it takes to be a successful teacher. Killua and Gon may be quick study, but Wing’s knowledge of the complex power system is what allowed them to master Nen in such a short period of time.

11. Killua

Smartest Characters In Hunter X Hunter

Killua is one of Hunter X Hunter’s most reliable sources of information in the first few arcs. However, while Gon was busy perfecting fishing, Killua trained to be an assassin and traveled the world before he took the Hunter exam. Even though Gon has no knowledge of this training, Killua’s respect for Gon’s character makes him a candidate on this list.

Gon’s understanding of Hisoka’s strength gap would not have been complete without the help of Killua. In light of Gon’s propensity for rash decisions, Killua’s knowledge of the Hunter X Hunter power scale unquestionably saved the protagonist’s life.

12. Leorio

Smartest Characters In Hunter X Hunter

Leorio has a unique perspective on human greed because he is himself a greedy human being. Despite the fact that Leorio’s primary role is to provide comic relief, it’s impossible to deny that his knowledge is frequently put to good use.

Leorio’s distrustful nature comes in handy several times during the Hunter exam. Later in the Yorknew City arc, he has the opportunity to put his monetary compulsion to good use by aiding Gon and Killua in their quest. Leorio is living proof that you can be brilliant in one area of study while being completely clueless in another.

Well, these are the 12 smartest characters in Hunter X Hunter ranked according to their smartness. We hope this guide helped you. If you liked this, make sure to check out the best Romance anime movies. Also, make sure to check out the most powerful female characters in Hunter x Hunter.

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