Hunter x Hunter: 8 Most Powerful Female Characters

Manga artist Yoshihiro Togashi’s second-best work, after Yu Yu Hakusho, Hunter x Hunter has some of the most poweful female characters. Over the past two decades, this series has maintained its popularity, and it continues to do so today. Despite the fact that Hunter x Hunter is a shonen series, the characters in positions of power are surprisingly diverse.

Female characters have played a significant role in the story, either by providing assistance to Gon and Killua on their arduous journey or by creating obstacles for them to overcome. Here’s our list of the 8 most powerful female characters in the classic anime show Hunter x Hunter.

Most Powerful Female Characters in Hunter x Hunter

8 Most Powerful Female Characters in Hunter x Hunter

Hunter X Hunter is one of the few shonen series that places a high value on female characters. These characters aren’t treated like mere props, as is the case in many other shows, and they’re never just there for laughs. The long-running series is so refreshing because some of the strongest characters are women.

1. Alluka Zoldyck

Most Powerful Female Characters in Hunter x Hunter

More powerful than Meruem and Netero combined, Alluka is the strongest female character in Hunter x Hunter. When Nanika, a spirit from the Dark Continent, takes up residence inside of her, she gains magical powers that allow her to change the course of history with the mere thought of it.

Because she can make any wish come true, no matter how far-fetched it seems, Alluka possesses reality-bending abilities. Unfortunately, at least for those who ask for her boons, there are some rules that must be followed before a request can be made.

2. Biscuit Krueger

Most Powerful Female Characters in Hunter x Hunter

During the Greed Island arc, Biscuit generously offers her teaching services to Gon and Killua, who accept. A wide range of Nen abilities are on display when she knocks Gon out cold with a single blow as Wing’s original master.

When she morphs into her true form, an enormous muscular woman, it is both her strongest and most shameful technique. Biscuit is able to use all of her abilities in this form, but she prefers the delicate aesthetics of her young body, so she rarely does so.

3. Neferpitou

Most Powerful Female Characters in Hunter x Hunter

Among the Chimera Ants, even Netero claims that Neferpitou is far more powerful than he ever could have imagined. Meruem, the assassin sent to kill the Royal Guards, was unable to harm her even with a direct hit. A brick wall could not stop Shaiapouf from flying through it.

Terpsichora, a dangerous puppet dancer, becomes even more powerful after Neferpitou is killed by Adult Gon, to the point of ripping out his arm.

4. Palm Siberia

Most Powerful Female Characters in Hunter x Hunter

Her appearance and demeanor are just two of the many aspects of Palm Siberia that make her a standout character. As a human, she may have had a reserved demeanor, but after reincarnating as a Chimera Ant, her entire personality was transformed.

Even Killua is convinced that she is stronger than him in every way. Despite Meruem’s best efforts, Palm refuses to reveal where Komugi is hiding because she has an iron will that can’t be broken.

5. Machi Komacine

Most Powerful Female Characters in Hunter x Hunter

Machi is here despite her aversion to combat, thanks to her amazing Transmutation Nen. She uses a technique known as Nenshi Hogo to repair severe injuries, such as reattaching Hisoka’s amputated arms to his body.

Sometimes, Machi employs her Nen threads in order to transform her victims into puppets or set up elaborate booby traps for them. Despite being able to lift heavy weights, her threads retain their elasticity.

6. Pakunoda

Most Powerful Female Characters in Hunter x Hunter

As one of the few members of the Phantom Troupe who is willing to put her life on the line to help her team, Pakunoda is an inspiration to the rest of the group. As long as she asks the right question, she can effectively read the minds of those around her. You can’t get around it, even if you mix up your thoughts, because she’s only interested in the real truth.

When Pakunoda’s Memory Bomb is used, she shoots six of her teammates in the head with her own memories of Chrollo’s death before Kurapika’s curse destroys her heart.

7. Shizuku Murasaki

Most Powerful Female Characters in Hunter x Hunter

While Shizuku is a skilled combatant, she excels at strategizing and creating plans that are several steps ahead of her adversaries. Further, she is one of the thicc anime girls. For example, she has a good grasp of Pike’s cobweb pattern and can use it to her advantage.

Monster vacuum cleaner Deme-chan has an almost-endless gullet and can suck in anything, even dead bodies, that are lying around. As a result of Shizuku’s mastery of this technique, she can now extract blood from her enemies if they are wounded.

8. Tsubone

Most Powerful Female Characters in Hunter x Hunter

At various points in her career, Tsubone has worked for the Zoldyck family. Because of her position, she has a number of impressive skills, one of which is an acute sense of perception. Illumi Zoldyck was astounded when she realized someone was watching her through her monocle.

Even when Killua was using Denko Sekka, she was able to successfully follow him. True power in Tsubone’s Conjuration Nen lies in the ability to transform herself into various vehicles, including motorcycles and old-style planes.

Well, these are the 8 most powerful female characters in Hunter x Hunter. We hope this guide helped you. If you liked this, make sure to check out the smartest characters in Hunter x Hunter.

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