Top 5 Water Related Minecraft Enchantments

The enchantment system in Minecraft is quite extensive. Players can improve their tools, weapons, and armor by using various power-ups. While underwater, players can use a variety of enchantments to aid them.

With vast oceans, seas, and rivers, Minecraft maps are awash in water. These bodies of water have their own personality. They contain a variety of living entities as well as mysterious structures for players to investigate. However, players may encounter certain issues while in water, which is why there are water-related enchantments.

Top 5 Water Related Minecraft Enchantments

Top 5 Water-Related Minecraft Enchantments

There are numerous enchantments in Minecraft that can assist players in various ways, but here are the top 5 water-related enchantments.

1. Respiration

Top 5 Water Related Minecraft Enchantments

One of the main reasons players can’t dive deep enough into the oceans is that they can’t breathe underwater. The Respiration enchantment allows players to breathe underwater for longer periods of time. It can be worn on helmets and has three levels, each of which adds 15 seconds of underwater breathing.

2. Frost Walker

Frost Walker is a one-of-a-kind treasure enchantment that can’t be obtained through an enchanting table. It can be obtained through chest loot and a librarian villager. Players can walk on water because it turns nearby water blocks into frosted ice. There are two levels to this enchantment. Magma blocks can also be stood on without causing any damage.

3. Depth Strider

Top 5 Water Related Minecraft Enchantments

If players need to move quickly through the water, they can use Depth Strider to enchant their boots. This enchantment increases the speed with which you can move underwater. This enchantment has three levels as well, but it cannot be combined with Frost Walker.

4. Luck of the Sea

This enchantment is more commonly used for fishing than for diving. In Minecraft, players can use a fishing rod to catch various items from water bodies. When fishing, this enchantment aids players in obtaining better loot. It has three enchantment powers that give you a 2% chance of getting treasure loot per level.

5. Aqua Affinity

Top 5 Water Related Minecraft Enchantments

This is a water-related enchantment that allows players to mine underground more quickly, but it can only be used on helmets. It only has one enchantment power level. Players who are attempting to construct something underwater and need to clear the blocks may find this useful.

Well, these were the top 5 water-related enchantments you can use in Minecraft. We hope this guide helped you.

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