The Quarry: How to Be Bad and Kill Everyone for the Worst Ending

Everyone in The Quarry can be killed in a variety of ways. In addition to the Hacketts and other forest dwellers, many gruesome deaths can be brought on by environmental hazards and character decisions. If you want the worst possible ending and the Hackett’s Quarry Massacre trophy/achievement, then make sure that no one survives the night. Well, with that being said, here’s our guide to being bad and kill everyone in The Quarry.

The Quarry: How to be Bad and Kill Everyone for the Worst Ending

How to Be Bad and Kill Everyone for the Worst Ending in The Quarry?

This guide won’t detail every possible method for eliminating the required counselors, but it will tell you when it’s possible to do so for the first time. This means that some counselors should have a longer lifespan than others. In case there was any confusion, it is irrelevant whether or not you eliminate the Hacketts.

On this run, you won’t be able to infect everyone or collect all of the clues, evidence, or tarot cards. When a character dies, the subsequent scenes and sequences involving them are simply ignored. Save everyone, and then give those a shot on your next try.

We apologize in advance for the spoilers that lie ahead, but given the nature of The Quarry, it was impossible to avoid them altogether.

How to Kill Jacob?

Remove the rotor arm from the van in Chapter 3 and you can kill Jacob immediately. It’s guaranteed that after Jacob and Emma get out of the lake, they’ll both let out a bloodcurdling scream. Jacob has the option of either pursuing the rotor arm or going to check out the scream. If the rotor arm gets tangled in the wire, you can either pull it free or help him free his arm by detangling the wire.

Disconnecting the van’s gas line in Chapter 2 rather than stealing the rotor arm allows for Jacob’s early demise in Chapter 4. The best course of action, as Ryan, is to fire into the bushes both times.

How to Kill Emma?

For the first time, Chapter 4 is when you can actually kill Emma easily. Instead of digging through the bags, you could try opening the tree house’s secret trap door.

How to Kill Nick?

In Chapter 8, you can murder Nick in the cave. When Laura raises the shotgun in the room with the red light, as Ryan, you must not intervene.

How to Kill Abi?

In Chapter 6 in the pool house, you can kill Abi. Make sure not to shoot when Abi points the gun at Nick.

How to Kill Dylan?

In Chapter 9, you can kill Dylan. In order to do this, you must have used the chainsaw in Chapter 5 and kicked in the door in Chapter 1 as Abi and Emma. Don’t respond to the quick-time events that occur while Dylan is being attacked in the crane.

How to Kill Ryan?

You have Chapter 9 to murder Ryan. You should keep him alive for the majority of the chapter, regardless of whether or not you decide to let Laura “heal” him. If you want to kill Max before the end of the chapter, you need to kill the person you find in the attic and then fall through the floor as Ryan. Pick the aggressive play style and then die as Ryan in the following quick time events.

How to Kill Laura

In Chapter 9, you have the option of ending Laura’s life. This needs to be prepared for in Chapter 7. You can put the syringe in your pocket and search the police station with confidence. The conversation with the police officer will continue (in the morning and at night; however, you should not take the gun with you at night) and there will also be a scene involving an argument between two characters.

The next scene will involve Laura acting “sick.” Take the gun from the cop and kill him. Two opportunities to obtain the firearm are available to you. When everything goes to pot at the end of Chapter 9, Laura is doomed to a quick and painless death.

How to Kill Max?

Killing Max is possible in Chapter 10. Get him to the dock and have him make the swim back to shore.

How to Kill Katlyn?

Chapter 10 is where you have the option of end Kaitlyn’s life. When attacked in the lodge, do nothing.

Well, that’s all we have here about how you can kill everyone in The Quarry and have the worst ending. Now that you’ve seen the worst possible ending and the cycle continues, you have the option of saving everyone by taking the true ending route, infecting all of the counselors, or seeing one of the many other conclusions by randomly selecting good and bad paths. If you liked this, make sure to check out how you can save Chris in The Quarry,

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