7 Best Quick Online Web Games to Play When You’re Bored

If you get bored quickly while waiting online, you probably need to play the best quick online web games. We, as the modern generation, don’t like to wait for anything. Instead, we want something to do. In that case, we either watch YouTube, search for short movies, or play some online web games.

If you are also someone who is sitting idle at the moment but want to do something interesting, make sure to read out our list of the most exciting quick online web games that are for everyone. And the best part is, you don’t need to spend a dime in order to play them.

Quick Online Web Games

Top 7 Best Quick Online Web Games to Play

Here we have listed the 7 best quick online web games one can play when they are bored or waiting for something to happen. Nevertheless, keep in mind that these games are quite habit-forming.

Unlike other games like GTA V or other open-world games that have missions to complete, these online web games neither have missions to complete nor options to save your progress, but that’s what makes these games even more compelling.

1. Skribbl – An Artistic Guessing Game

Quick Online Web Games

As you might already have understood by the name, Skribbl allows you to unleash your inner artist, that too when you are bored. Further, we have ranked it number one because it is pure bliss to play this game. While users start playing this game when they are bored, they end up making time for this.

Not only when you are bored but you can play this game even when you are busy. We are not kidding. You get two options to play this game as a creator and as a guesser. As a creator, you will be drawing an option, and others in the room will guess what you are drawing.

If no one is able to guess even with the hints, you win. If you are a guesser and you guess the correct word, you win. Even if you don’t win, either way, you will enjoy this game any time, any day.

Try Now: Skribbl

2. Agar – A Cell-Based Game

Quick Online Web Games

Agar.io is one of the most exciting quick web games where you play like a cell but only survive when you eat up other cells. While you keep eating other cells, your cell’s size will increase drastically, making the game harder as you level up. However, if you come closer to any other cell that is larger than you, that will eat your cell up and you will lose.

As you might be familiar with the sweet food product Agar-Agar, the traditional seaweed, the game of this game is derived from that. For guys familiar with biology, the game is set in a petri-dish-like environment.

Overall, this is a great time-killer game with interesting movements controlled using the mouse. The game doesn’t require any sign-ups, and you just have to enter a nickname and start playing.

Try Now: Agar

3. 2048 – A Puzzle Game

Quick Online Web Games

2048 is one of the most popular quick online web games that was launched way back in 2014. Interestingly, it gained traction very quickly and became a sensation for everyone looking to play games online.

2048 offers a 4×4 grid with tiles and numbers. Two and four appear randomly, though. As a player, you are allowed to slide the tiles left, right, up, and down. When two tiles with the same number collide, they merge into one tile with the sum of the numbers.

You will win the game when you reach the goal of 2048, but you will lose if the moves end. But beware, this is an addictive game. While this can be a great time-killing game, you will start to waste time gradually once you start playing this.

Try Now: 2048

4. Pac-Man – The Original Pac-Mac With a Twist

Quick Online Web Games

Everyone here must have played the original Pac-Man game. But if you are bored enough but don’t want to pass the time on anything simple, the Pac-Man game is your best bet. You also get many customization options for the play styles.

The game is just like the traditional Pac-Man games. You have to use the arrow keys to control your Pac-Man and save it from the ghosts. As you progress, the Pac-Man will start moving more swiftly making things difficult. Pac-Man is an addictive game and quite exhilarating one.

Try Now: Pac-Man

5. Tetris – All Time Favorite Classic Blocks Game

Quick Online Web Games

Tetris is among the most popular games played on and off work. Interestingly, fans of tetris play this game amidst working on their PCs. When we were young, there were two games that were the most popular – Solitaire and Tetris. Since Solitaire requires a lot of hard work, let’s keep it out of the equation.

In Tetris, blocks fall from the top of the screen, and you need to rotate and adjust them to create horizontal lines. Tetris is a kind of puzzle game but with blocks. As you approach making a high score, the game gets more challenging, and the blocks start falling quickly, thus inducing a state of rush. For the unknowns, Tetris is a must-play web game.

Try Now: Tetris

6. Wordle

Quick Online Web Games

Since its release in 2018 by New York Times, Wordle has been a sensation. Needless to say, it is quite addictive. Wordle has become so popular that several websites are busy releasing and giving answers to Wordle answers every day.

Talking of the game, you will have to guess a 5-letter word, but you only have six tries until you run out of chances. Each guess is scored with colored dots, each indicating whether you guessed it right or wrong.

If you guessed it right, you would see a green dot. For wrong, a yellow dot and a grey one if you haven’t guessed at all. We can openly say the game is addictive, easy, and quick if you are knowledgeable. You can also check out the best games like Wordle.

Try Now: Wordle

7. Helicopter

Quick Online Web Games

If you love flying choppers, you will definitely like Helicopter. This is one of the oldest quick web games that were playable on browsers. Best of all, this is not habit forming, and hence you won’t start wasting time playing this game.

Interestingly, in the game, you use the mouse as the controller to direct the helicopter and dodge obstacles. If you crash against any obstacle, the game is over. The game is endless, so there’s no turning back, and the speed keeps on increasing with time, making it challenging and exciting at the same time.

Try Now: Helicopter

The Bottom Line

Well, these are the best quick online web games you must play when you are bored or have nothing to do at hand. Remember, all these games come absolutely free of cost, and you can play them whenever you desire. If you have played all of them and are still bored, wait for us until we find some new games and update the list.

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