How to Transmog Weapons and Gear in Outriders?

With the release of the New Horizons update for all platforms, transmog finally exists in Outriders. Although there have been a few updates and patches since the looter-shooter release in April, the system hasn’t yet been implemented despite the community’s repeated requests. However, if you’re here, you probably want to know how to transmog your gear and weapons. Fortunately, the procedure is really quite easy.


How to Transmog Weapons and Gear in Outriders?

How to Transmog Weapons and Gear in Outriders?

First things first: in Outriders, you cannot customize the appearance of your weapons or equipment by gathering resources or currencies. The only “grind” involved is obtaining the actual weapon and equipment sets. That’s made simpler by the New Horizons update’s increased loot drops and almost complete elimination of dupes.

How to Transmog Weapons and Gear in Outriders?

Most of the equipment you acquire in Outriders right now, including weapons and armor, will be new to you. Additionally, legendary drop rates have increased by 100% overall, one new Expedition always drops legendaries, and if you do receive a duplicate or a poor roll, you can reroll your loot at Tiago using Drop Pod Resources.

Follow these steps to transmog weapons and gear.

  • Open the player menu.
  • After that, enter the customization menu by pressing the right D-pad on console.
  • You will automatically enter the Transmog menu. If not, it is the Visual Customization tab you should look for.

Here, you can view your entire collection of loot. To apply a skin to just one piece of equipment, select a piece of gear or a weapon and press the Apply button after switching between your armour and weapon categories. If you have multiple pieces or an entire set, you can equip all of them at once by pressing the Apply to All Equipped button. This is useful for quickly donning entire armour sets.

If you wanted to, you could continue wearing your Pyromancer armor while sporting a Trickster appearance.

Naturally, transmogrification will take precedence over the appearance of your current gear. You do, however, retain all the benefits and powers connected to the original item or items. You can keep track of your transmogrified items and identify which ones you’ve already done by looking for the white diamond icon in the top left corner of everything you transmogrify.

Simply press the remove button while the transmog piece is highlighted to restore an item to its original skin and appearance. By looking at the bottom of the gear card, where the apply buttons were previously displayed, you can determine which button is for your platform.

A weapon or piece of equipment that you pick up or buy and put in your inventory can be transmogrified right away. Nothing needs to be taken apart. You can do everything in Outriders by using your inventory; there are no shops to go to or workstations to find.

Transmog is also cross-class. That means you can transmog the same weapon without paying a price or having to go through extra hoops if you pick up a gun with your Devastator and switch to your Technomancer.

Well, that’s all we have here about how you can transmog weapons and gears in Outriders. We hope this guide helped you.

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