Is Split Screen Supported on Overwatch 2?

Since Overwatch 2 is now available to everyone, there has been a lot of interest from the player community in learning more about the new game’s features. Whether or not the sequel supports Split-Screen is one of the most frequently asked questions (along with how to alter the game’s server location). So, without taking any more time, let’s jump into it.

Is Split Screen Supported on Overwatch 2?

For all the time that Overwatch 1 was trending, split screen was absent. Many players had hoped that Blizzard would consider adding it to the game this time around, given all the changes they made to the latest installment.

There is currently no Split-Screen support in Overwatch 2 as well. A lot of players have been asking Blizzard to implement this feature for quite some time, but the developers haven’t gotten around to it.

To put it another way, players who want to enjoy the game locally won’t be able to start it up like a fighting game, and instead will have to go online to compete against others.

Split-Screen features provide some of the best co-op experiences players can ask for when it comes to local play in competitive and other multiplayer titles. Fans of the series who were holding out hope that Blizzard would finally include the feature in the sequel will be disappointed to learn that Overwatch 2 will not be released with it.

Players will have to use the online queue and matchmaking service that the shooter releases in order to play locally with one another. This holds true for PvP and PvE play styles alike.

Will Split Screen Come to Overwatch 2?

Interestingly, it is quite easy for Blizzard will implement the feature soon for some Overwatch 2 game modes. Overwatch is shaping up to be an intensely competitive online experience, so if a Split-Screen mode is added to the game, it will probably only be available for the least intense modes.

Unfortunately, Split-Screen features are currently unavailable, so local co-op in Overwatch 2 can only be enjoyed via the online mode. Assuming they can tolerate the game’s many performance issues and excruciatingly long queue times, players and their friends will be able to participate in the game’s online modes.

Well, that’s all we have here about whether there’s split screen feature in Overwatch 2 or not. We hope this guide helped you. If you liked this, make sure to check out how to get golden guns in Overwatch 2

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