Is MultiVersus Compatible With the Steam Deck?

When you consider the Steam Deck’s power and the variety of games it can play, you have to say that it is giving the Nintendo Switch a run for its money. New and popular games have us wondering if Valve’s hybrid console can run them, especially for Multiverse. In other words, can MultiVersus be played on PFG’s Steam Deck? Below, we’ll tell you everything we know.

Is MultiVersus Compatible With the Steam Deck?

Is MultiVersus Compatible With the Steam Deck?

A definite yes, but the game has not been independently verified with Steam Deck. That’s a good question. Despite the fact that the game’s playability on the hybrid console has not been verified, there is no evidence to suggest that it will not. The only information you receive is that the game necessitates the use of a WB Games third-party account.

If you want to make the game run faster or look better, you can tweak the graphics settings, but doing so depletes your battery faster. Fortunately, because it isn’t as graphically intensive as some of the newer games, the game runs smoothly.

To make your Steam Deck experience even better, you can import your saved game data from any PlayStation or Xbox console you currently own without any hassles.

Because the game’s rollback netcode is so good, input lag during matches is virtually nonexistent. Regardless of whether you’re connected via wired or wireless, the quality of your matches should be on par with what you’d expect from a PC or console.

Well, that’s all we have here about whether MultiVersus is compatible with Steam Deck or not. We hope this guide helped you. If you liked this, make sure to check out MultiVersus: How to Play Ranked Mode and MultiVersus: Best Characters to Unlock First.

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