How to Plant Trees in Timberborn

If you want to plant trees in Timberborn and looking for an up-to-mark solution, you’re at the right place. Keep reading this guide to know how you can plant trees in Timberborn

Different Types of Trees in Timberborn

There are various types of trees in Timberborn like are Birch, Pine, and Maple trees. It is on you, which tree you want to use of plantation because every tree has different growth rates.

How to Plant Trees in Timberborn

1. Birch Tree

The Birch tree is the fastest growing tree, as it takes hardly nine days to grow. Though, it will only give you one log per tree.

2. Pine Tree

After Birch trees, we now have Pine trees, which take twelve days to grow completely, and will give you two logs per tree.

3. Mighty Maple Tree

This tree takes twenty-four days to grow,  and will give you eight logs per tree! If you can grow these trees, it is highly suggested to do so. You can grow Pine and Maple trees simultaneously so that you’ll have a good stock of wood for a longer period.

Once you have planted the trees, you will soon come across dead trees. These can be cut down, and you will gain one log each. These can be very handy for emergency stocks of wood, mainly in the dry season.

How to Plant Trees In Timberborn?

Now that you know about all the available trees in Timberborn, you are ready to go ahead and start playing. Follow these steps to do it easily:

  1. The very first thing you need to do is create a forester. It is the most important step which you have to use in Planting of Trees, as you can’t plant trees without this step. It will not cost any logs to create it. You just need workers in the forester for all the times if you had planted anything.
  2. After assigning workers to the forester, now you have to click on the “Plant Trees” button and select the plants that you want to plant in the forester.
  3. After the plantation of trees, you now have the logs and water them to keep them hydrated.
  4. Once the trees have been planted, they will have a percentage bar to show you the growth of your trees. Once the Trees are completely grown, they are ready to be chopped down. To get rid of the tree waste in the ground, click the button for destroying resources, and select the stumps for demolition.
  5. The beavers will now finally chop them down, and the ground will be clear again, and you’re ready for the next round of trees!

If you can manage to follow these steps carefully, you will have a host of trees in Timberborn.

The Bottom Line

Well, that’s all we have for how you can plant trees in Timberborn. We hope this guide helped you. If you liked this, don’t forget to check out our gamingtroubleshooting, and computing guides.

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