How to Create a Custom MyTeam Team Logo in NBA 2K22

In NBA 2K22, you have the option of using an NBA team logo or a different logo for your squad in MyTeam. MyTeam players can customize their team’s jerseys, arenas, and logos, but they must first obtain some cards. Why? That will be explained later.

How to Create a Custom MyTeam Team Logo in NBA 2K22

To make a custom logo, you’ll need to first get some cards. Why? You must complete a Lifetime Agenda objective in order to obtain the items required to create custom logos.

To get the NBA 2K22 Team Creation pack, you’ll need to collect 75 MyTeam cards. After you receive and open this package, you can begin the process of creating a MyTeam logo.

To begin, use RB/R1 to navigate to the My Team section of the MyTeam menu, then select Lineups Management. Select a Lineup and then go to the Franchise section from here. Scroll down to the Design Logo tab and click it.

How to Create a Custom MyTeam Team Logo in NBA 2K22

You can choose from a variety of preset or customizable logos, a current or historic NBA logo, or upload your own. To upload, go to the NBA 2K website and click on this link.

Depending on which platform you play NBA 2K22 on, you may need to sign in with your PSN ID or Xbox Gamertag to access this site. Then, upload a photo and double-check that it meets the required dimensions.

These logos may take some time to appear in the 2K system. To see if your photograph has been added to the database, go to My Images.

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