How to Permanently Unlock Upgrades in Sifu

Sifu is a brutal martial arts weapon-based fighting game with a variety of unlockable combat skills. Here we will show you how to permanently unlock upgrades and skills in Sifu.

Sifu is a game that takes a page from the roguelike playbook, requiring multiple runs through a level to learn patterns, best attacks, and so much more against waves of enemies, bosses, and mid-level baddies.

You can spend your hard-earned skill points on new moves for your repertoire when you die or visit a Jade Dragon statue. However, if you die of old age without having permanently unlocked those skills, they will be lost.

How to Permanently Unlock Upgrades in Sifu

How to Permanently Unlock Upgrades in Sifu?

Sifu requires a wide range of abilities, not just from the player, but also from the character you control. You’ll earn Experience Points (XP) as you defeat enemies.

You can either use XP to unlock a skill at the Jade Dragon statues scattered throughout the levels, or you can use it to unlock new skills when you die.

When you first unlock a skill, it will display a sub-menu underneath it stating that you must purchase the skill a certain number of times in order to permanently unlock it.

Repeat runs through a level you’ve mastered are a great way to keep gaining XP and learn new skills faster. And because your XP carries over to the next level after you complete a stage, you may be able to continue a winning streak while increasing your XP.

If you replay a level, however, you will lose any unused XP. You can upgrade your skills both in your Ward, or central hub, and on the battlefield, so don’t worry.

If you plan on tackling that stage again, visiting the tree with your glowing, golden charms on it will allow you to spend XP earned in a previous run. This will allow you to check off the number of times you need to buy a skill without losing the XP you just earned from replaying the level.

Sifu Skill Upgrades

Sifu is a game that necessitates dedication, perseverance, and perfection. In order to complete your journey in Sifu, you may need to repeat a task until it is perfected.

On paper, this game takes two and a half hours to complete, but in reality, it will take much longer because it is all about repetition to perfection.

The aging system in Sifu forces players to complete the game before they die of old age. Sifu has a 70-year-old age limit. Your death is irreversible once you reach the age of 70.

However, you will lose all of your in-game progress, including updates, when the game ends, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Continue reading to find out how to unlock upgrades in Sifu for good.

For defeating your opponent and progressing, Sifu rewards you with XP. You can gain a lot of XP by completing the same or a different level multiple times.

When you die, this XP can be used to upgrade a skill or unlock new skills at the Jade Dragon statues.

Where Can You Unlock a Skill in Sifu?

The following locations in Sifu will allow you to unlock a skill:

  • The tree in the Wuguan
  • At a Shrine during a chapter
  • Post-Death Screen

Each unlocked skill can be used in a single run. When the game ends, however, the unlocked skill is lost, and you must purchase it again in the next run.

Well, that’s all we have here about how you can permanently unlock upgrades in Sifu. We hope this guide helped you.

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