How to Level Up Halo Infinite Battle Pass XP Quickly

The Halo Infinite Battle Pass XP farming begins today, thanks to the unexpected free release of the latest Halo game’s multiplayer on both PC and Xbox. While the multiplayer’s early access release is still considered a beta, Microsoft and 343 Industries have already started the Season One Battle Pass, “Heroes of Reach,” but players are having difficulty completing the challenges. Here’s how to quickly level up your Halo Infinite Battle Pass.

How to Level Up Halo Infinite Battle Pass XP Quickly

How to Level Up Halo Infinite Battle Pass XP Quickly?

To quickly complete Battle Pass Challenges and gain XP in Halo Infinite multiplayer, follow these guidelines:

The Daily and Weekly Challenges must be completed. These are usually very simple and consist of simply playing a game to completion.

Note that the Daily challenge is frequently completed by completing the Weekly challenges, and the Weekly challenges become more difficult as time goes on — check out the “upcoming challenges” button to see what’s coming up next.

Before completing the Daily or Weekly Challenges, use an XP boost consumable. These consumables are available at Battle Pass level six and only last 30 minutes, so use them wisely.

Also, if some of the Challenges appear to be too difficult, use a Challenge Swap consumable. This is available early on in the Battle Pass.

Moreover, complete the Ultimate Challenge after you’ve completed all of the Weekly Challenges to earn the most XP.

Finally, for 200 Credits ($2), you can buy levels or XP boosts with real money. This isn’t a good idea.

If progress in the Battle Pass seems slow, keep in mind that while the beta will only last a few weeks, the first season will last until May, giving you plenty of time to earn all of the Battle Pass’s rewards.

However, because the Battle Pass is entirely Challenge-based, farming XP is extremely difficult, so it’s simply a matter of perseverance.

Well, that’s all we have here about how to level up Halo Infinite Battle Pass XP quickly. We hope this guide helped you.

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