How to Investigate an Object in Sherlock Holmes

The premise of Sherlock Holmes is that he is a detective. He’s the kind of guy who thinks like that. As a result, it should come as no surprise that you can investigate objects and people throughout the first chapter of Sherlock Holmes.

When Jon challenges you to find the owner of a missing cane, you may have your first encounter with the investigation. Because you’re bored and eager to see the medium, you might as well comply.

How to Investigate an Object in Sherlock Holmes

How to Investigate an Object in Sherlock Holmes?

When investigating, select the object similarly to how you would the cane when looking for its owner. This will magnify the object and allow Sherlock to focus on specific features. Examine the object until the cursor becomes narrow and yellow.

How to Investigate an Object in Sherlock Holmes

Hold down the inspect button when the cursor turns yellow, and Sherlock will point out important information about the section of the object.

This information can be pinned from your Casebook at a later time. Pinning a piece of information will help you remember it and make it easier to access on your main hud.

How to Investigate an Object in Sherlock Holmes

Go into the menu and scroll over to the Casebook tab to access the information you get from investigating an object. This will display the data you’ve collected. By pressing up on the D-Pad, you can pin the information to your main hud and view it.

Well, that’s all we have for you about how you can investigate an object in Sherlock Holmes. We hope this guide helped you.

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