Football Manager 2022: How to Install Custom Skins in FM 2022

Looking for custom skins for Football Manager 2022? We’re here to assist you. With bright colors and a new, sleek finish, these downloadable assets update the FM 2022 UI design. They can customize the managing experience by introducing new player faces, as well as different fonts and layouts. This guide will show you how to install custom skins in FM 2022.

How to Install Custom Skins in Football Manager 2022?

The process of installing custom skins in Football Manager 2022 is relatively simple. This is how you do it:

  1. Go to your FM 2022 fansite. is a great place to go for custom skins.
  2. Look for the skin you want to use and install it. This could include skins that add player faces to the Tactics menu and pitch layout, as well as a “night mode” style.
  3. Press the download button and wait for the file to download to your computer.
  4. After that, copy and paste the file into the following system location:
    • For Windows: C:\Users\\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2022\skins\
    • For Mac: /Users//Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2022/skins/
  5. It’s now time to launch Football Manager 2022.
  6. The Skin menu can be found under Interface in Preferences. Select your downloaded skin from the drop-down menu, then confirm.

Football Manager 2022: How to Install Custom Skins in FM 2022

Your skins will appear the next time you load your Football Manager 2022 save after you’ve completed those steps. Because the process can take a while, we recommend closing and reopening the game if you don’t see your skins right away.

It’s also a good idea to clear your graphics cache to ensure that no pesky bugs prevent the skins from working properly.

These Football Manager 2022 skins will not change the game’s gameplay, but they will give it a sleek new look. There are dark mode options for managers who play late at night, as well as brighter colors like pink.

It’s also worth noting that these are distinct from the player face packs, which are also available for download. Because these FM 2022 skins only affect the UI and not much else, your in-game experience will be very similar.

There are a few other considerations as well. These custom skin packs, like all third-party software, may contain bugs and glitches. They are unlikely to affect your save, but they may prevent the skins from working. To avoid this, we recommend bookmarking the download page so that you can easily install any future updates.

Of course, in a game as captivating as Football Manager 2022, a pleasant change of scenery is always welcome.

Well, that’s all we have about installing skins in Football Manager 2022. We hope this guide helped you.

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