GTA Online: How To Fix The Endless Loading-Screen Glitch

If you’ve spent enough time in GTA Online, you understand how frustrating it can be: you fly around the city, complete a few jobs, and then — nothing. You’re stuck with a grainy Skycam view of Los Santos, and the loading screen will not disappear until the game client is closed and restarted. It occurs.

Further, we have discovered the optimal quick fix for this issue, at least on the PC version of the game.

If you’re playing GTA V on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, you may have to continue to suffer. Perhaps the next-gen version of GTA Online will include a patch!

GTA Online: How To Fix The Endless Loading-Screen Glitch

How to Fix The Endless Loading-Screen Glitch in GTA Online?

“By simply tabbing out of the game and using the built-in resource monitor on your PC,” Although ClanCarousel writes a lot of fixes that you can apply to fix the endless loading Screen glitch in GTA online, we only have one standard fix that will definitely resolve your issue.

Follow these simple steps to fix the endless loading-screen glitch in GTA Online.

  1. Open the task manager by pressing Ctrl + Alt + delete.
  2. Next, navigate to the “networking” tab and then to “resource monitor.”
  3. Now simply Suspend Grand Theft Auto V for 15 seconds.
  4. After that, restart your game.

That’s it. Now your GTA Online endless loading-screen glitch has been fixed. Enjoy playing and let us know in the comment section how this fix worked for you.

We hope this guide helped you to fix your endless loading screen bug and now you are able to enjoy GTA Online.

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