Battlefield 2022: What is Battlefield Universe and the Next Battlefield Game?

New seasons for Battlefield 2022 will include new specialists, maps, modes, and Battle Passes, as well as new specialists, maps, modes, and Battle Passes. The Battlefield 2042 multiplayer, Battlefield Portal, and Hazard Zone will all be updated and improved for the BF 2022 experience. Here’s everything you need to know about BF in 2022.

Battlefield 2022: What is Battlefield Universe and the Next Battlefield Game?

Will there be a New Battlefield Game in 2022?

While no new Battlefield game will be released in 2022, DICE has promised to support Battlefield 2042 with seasonal content.

New maps, modes, weapons, and Battle Passes will be added to Battlefield 2042 in 2022. It will also get updates that will help players have a better time. Expect more consistent performance and fewer bugs.

What is Battlefield Universe?

In an interview with Vince Zampella, the Respawn co-founder who is now in charge of future Battlefield experiences, the term “Battlefield Universe” was coined.

According to Zampella, the goal is to create a “connected Battlefield universe” in an interview with GameSpot.

When is the Next Battlefield Game Release Date?

In late 2025, the next Battlefield game is expected to be released.

Battlefield games used to come out every two years, but Battlefield 2042 took three years to develop. It’s unsurprising that it took longer because the pandemic made game development more difficult, especially since many people worked from home.

With the pandemic still ongoing, the next Battlefield game is expected to take three years to develop, with a release date of 2025.

Of course, the speculation above is based on the franchise’s previous performance. With Zampella’s mention of a “connected Battlefield universe,” it’s possible that Battlefield will take a completely different path.

The Bottom Line

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