Upcoming Netflix Movies to Watch This 2022

Upcoming Netflix Movies to Watch This 2022

Netflix has undoubtedly made a name for itself in the entertainment industry. From its wide selection of movies to its award-winning originals, there’s always something for everyone. With the fall season just around the corner, we’re already getting excited for all the new movies and shows that will be hitting our screens.

But before anything else, we’d love for you to have a smooth streaming experience. So, before you begin your binge-watching, we recommend you have a fast, stable internet connection to prevent buffering along the way. Regardless if your internet provider is AT&T, Verizon, HughesNet, or something else, make sure to perform a speed test to make sure your internet is up to par.

Now that everything’s settled, let’s dive into some of the upcoming Netflix movies you’d definitely don’t want to miss this upcoming fall.

The Gentlemen

Release Date: September 16
Cast: Matthew McConaughey, Charlie Hunnam, Michelle Dockery, Hugh Grant
This star-studded movie is about an American ex-pat who tries to sell his highly profitable marijuana empire in London. However, things take a turn for the worse when he becomes the target of a ruthless underworld boss.

No Limit

Release Date: September 9
Cast: Camille Rowe, Sofiane Zermani, César Domboy
In this breathtaking romance movie, a young woman with extraordinary talent falls in love with her world record-holding freediving instructor. With cheating, steamy scenes, and everything in between, they navigate the dangerous waters while working their way through their shaky relationship.

I Used to Be Famous

Release Date: September 16
Cast: Ed Skrein, Neil Stuke, Eleanor Matsuura, Rachael Ofori
After striking up a friendship with a talented young drummer, a former boy band star finds himself with a second chance at fame. As they work hard to rise to fame, they slowly find a solid friendship that will be put to the test as they try to make one final tour happen.

Love in the Villa

Release Date: September 1
Cast: Kat Graham, Tom Hopper, Laura Hopper, Emilio Solfrizzi
When Julie arrives in Verona, Italy, for her fantasy vacation, she is disappointed to find that her leased property is already inhabited by an obnoxious but gorgeous stranger. With this feel-good romantic movie, you’ll definitely be swept off your feet

The Anthrax Attacks

Release Date: September 8
Cast: Clark Gregg
Tragic events unfolded in the United States just days after 9/11 as mail containing lethal anthrax spores was discovered. In this documentary, you’ll see how the FBI’s follow-up inquiry turned out and dive into a little more about the terrorist attack that killed more than 2,000 people.


Release Date: September 23
Cast: Jurnee Smollett, Allison Janney, Logan Marshall-Green
When a neighbor’s daughter is taken during a storm, a mysterious loner who lives quietly with her dog must fight not just the weather but also her own troubled past. With the help of the community, she begins a frantic search to find the young girl.


Release Date: September 28
Cast: Ana de Armas, Adrien Brody, Xavier Samuel, Bobby Cannavale
This fictitious portrayal of Marilyn Monroe is a daring reinterpretation of the Hollywood icon’s troubled personal life and the cost of her stardom. It will circle around her struggles, her love life, and the pressures she felt to stay on top of the game.

Do Revenge

Release Date: September 16
Cast: Maya Hawke, Camila Mendes, Rish Shah, Austin Abrams
Drea, a former it girl who has since fallen on hard times, and Eleanor, a relative newcomer to the alt-girl scene, form an alliance after an off-the-record meeting to get revenge on their respective bullies. Do Revenge is a dark comedy with a twist in the Hitchcockian tradition, starring some of the most terrifying protagonists ever created: teenage girls.

End of the Road

Release Date: September 9
Cast: Queen Latifah, Ludacris, Beau Bridges
Brenda, a recently bereaved mother, struggles to keep her family safe from harm on a dangerous road journey after a murder and a stolen bag of money put them in trouble. Along the way, they must deal with a host of colorful characters, all while trying to avoid the law.

Final Thoughts

There are a variety of movies coming out in September that will cater to different audiences. Whether you’re looking for a heart-warming romance, an edge-of-your-seat thriller, or a light-hearted comedy, there’s definitely something for you. So mark your calendars and get ready to enjoy some great Netflix films!

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