The Most Popular Online Gambling Games in Japan

The Most Popular Online Gambling Games in Japan

The joy of online casino gambling has started in Japan a few years ago. When talking to the expert in online casinos in Japan Narimi Murayama, she said that “オンラインカジノ 日本 は、ユーザーに多くの楽しみを提供することができます”. And that can be used as one of the reasons why it became so popular nowadays.

The market has grown tremendously, eventually paving the way for more sites for Japanese-friendly performers. Among the marvelous things offered by gambling platforms is the variety of features and games that allow players to select their beloved ones with a single mouse click. But what types of games can Japanese people play on these platforms?

Well… Here are some of the most common games found in a Japanese online casino.

Pachinko and Slots

Pachinko is a very famous game in Japan and is almost the same as a slot game. However, instead of just pushing a lever and waiting for the result to come, you have to wait for the little ball to get to a specific place to win your prize.

Pachinko is one of the most popular games in online casino Japan and many players play this game. It’s almost like an alternative to the traditional casino games out there.

Apart from that, online slots are also very popular and are found on almost every site in Japan. They use high-tech and there are many interesting titles to make people want to play them and win real money with them.

These games are quick and easy to play and you can earn huge rewards.


A game that has drawn attention in Japanese table games is baccarat. This is an ancient game and is commonly described as one of the best and most respectable card games out there.

Some rules you need to know, and players can blossom in this game: The first thing is that the game is all about earning a total of 9. Apart from that, you can bet on three different options: a bunker, a player, or a tie.

It is also important to know that there are several variations of these games and players can choose from them and play. Some of the most common ones are:

  • Chemin de Fer
  • Baccarat Banque
  • Punto Banco


Roulette is the simplest game in the casino and is purely luck-dependent. This is one of the most popular features on many Japanese sites. All the player has to do is choose among color or a number, in some cases also a combination of those, and wait as the wheel rotates to see where the ball may land.


This is an interesting game where people usually try their luck here. If you’re new to casinos, the online roulette it’s a great game to try.

Lottery game

Lottery games are also purely lucky games where the winner wins an exciting jackpot award.

It’s not surprising that this activity attracts a great number of players. There are popular games such as Number 3 and 4, Jumbo Lottery, Scratch Cards, Mini Lotto, and Lotto 6. Players need the luck to win. 

Although being a simple game, it is not so easy to win. However, as the winners usually get healthy rewards, this game becomes interesting and exciting for players.


Another table game that is very popular among Japanese people is poker. However, just like any table game, it is not that simple to play. It is necessary to know the rules and learn what you must do to win at them.

When going to a casino site, it is not difficult to find many options for online poker. In some of them, it is even possible to play live poker, where players have a video in which a real dealer gives the cards and takes the best. 

Final words

The diversity of games in online casinos is something that always calls the attention of gamblers. Just the fact that you can gamble anywhere is indeed something to take into consideration, however, it wouldn’t make a difference if there weren’t many options to play.

Because of that, nowadays it is easier to find not only a great number of types of games but also a variety of options inside the same game. For fans of slots, for example, the variety is so vast that sometimes it may even be difficult to choose which of them to try your luck.

With that said, it is understandable why the Japanese started liking online gambling that much and, nowadays, have their favorite kind of games to play. And that also became easier once the gambling sites started offering also common games in the country, such as is the case with Pachinko.

And what about you? What is your favorite casino game? Is it also popular among Japanese people or not? Well… Tell us all about it. And if you still don’t play those games in an online casino, it is time you start doing so. Search a gambling platform today and good luck!

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