Everything You Need to Know About Xiaomi Redmi 9C Split-Screen Bug

Xiaomi has always been updating its custom skin, i.e., MIUI. However, just like every other software, Xiaomi’s MIUI is no different. Earlier, the users were reporting that there is no Split-Screen available for Redmi 9C when it was updated to MIUI 12.0.3. Nevertheless, Xiaomi started rolling out its MIUI 12.5 on July 2021.

Later, Xiaomi’s budget-oriented devices were updated to MIUI 12. Still, the feature of Split Screen was found to be not working. Recently, an update regarding the fix of this bug has come up, and this means users can expect a fix in the upcoming update.

The Redmi series has been known to provide a lot of features without breaking the bank. The case of Redmi 9C isn’t different. Xiaomi Redmi 9C is a complete package that offers performance along with a handful of specifications for an entry-level smartphone. However, Redmi 9C runs on the latest version of MIUI. As with the case of most custom skins, MIUI has its own set of cons. But these cons differ from device to device. 

Xiaomi Redmi 9C Split-Screen bug already reported to devs, Fix Expected in an Upcoming Update

Xiaomi Redmi 9C Split Screen Bug: What is the Issue?

With MIUI 11.0.1, Xiaomi added the feature of Split Screen. Later on, the update was rolled to most of the devices. Notwithstanding, Xiaomi Redmi 9C, even after having the MIUI 12 update, was unable to perform split Screen Operation.

Unfortunately, Users did not even observe the split-screen option in additional settings. This clearly meant Xiaomi forgot to add this feature in its Redmi 9C. Or else some users even claimed the Split Screen option was greyed out. 

After this, users started flooding Reddit and Twitter threads with their issues, but again no luck. Recently, users have found new hope after a reply from the Xiaomi feedback team that developers have started working on this Issue and can expect a fix in an upcoming update. 

Split Screen Bug Reported to Devs: When to Expect?

The Redmi 9C Split-Screen bug has been reported several times, but there was no fix. Now that Xaiomi’s Feedback team came up with a reply that clearly states, the Issue has been reported and will be fixed by the developers in an upcoming update.

This will be interesting to see whether and when Xiaomi releases an update for Redmi 9C. In Addition to this, MIUI 12.5 based on Android 11 is around the corner. Moreover, the closed beta program for MIUI 12.5 has already begun for a bunch of Redmi and Mi devices. Keeping in mind, the expected date of MIUI 12 is mid-April for its first batch of smartphones. 

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