Xbox Series Z: Release Date, Specifications, and Price

Recently, an online video stirred up the internet showcasing a portable Xbox Series Z console. In a recent video posted on Instagram and TikTok by a popular page, Kashama, it is seen that a handheld Xbox console is used to play games. The game being played on the console is Among Us. If you have also seen the video or heard from someone, in this guide, we will talk about every aspect we know about the Xbox Series Z, from its release date, specifications, and pricing. Let’s get started right away.

What is the Xbox Series Z

The Xbox Series Z is touted to be a handheld version of the extremely popular gaming console Xbox Series X. It is expected that the Xbox Series Z will have the same capability as that of other handheld consoles like Rog Ally and Nintendo, except that the support library will be extensive as per Xbox standards.

The video shared across Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok shows a gaming console that features a built-in controller, and in the middle, there’s a touch pad that lights up and extends upon opening the foldable screen. The foldable screen setup makes sure there’s enough room for playing games with an immersive experience. If we compare other Xbox consoles, the series Z is so small that it can easily go into carry bags or backpacks. The upcoming Xbox Series Z might be the best gaming console for travels and nightouts.

Xbox Series Z Specifications

Looking at the video posted by Kasham, it is difficult to say the exact specifications of the Xbox Series Z. However, looking at the video it is clearly visible that it sports a touchpad to access the Xbox Library. The back side is shiny and finished in a piano-black finish.

If Xbox Series Z comes out in the future, the specs will be similar to that of other handheld consoles. However, for assumptions, the Xbox Series Z will be offered in two different variants, just as we have seen with the Xbox Series X and Series S. The base variant of the Xbox Series Z might come equipped with AMD Ryzen Z1 CPU clocked at a maximum boost speed of 4.9 GHz. On the other hand, the Pro or Z Plus variant might be equipped with a more powerful AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme processor clocked at a boost speed of 5.1 GHz.

Moreover, the RAM capacity for both handheld consoles will be 16 GB LPDDR5 soldered into the motherboard, and there is no option for expansion, unlike PS5, which offers to upgrade storage with an SSD. Storage duties will be handled by 512GB PCIe NVMe Gen 4. The display will be the same for both devices at FHD clocked at 120 GHz. The screen size is estimated to be around 10.1 Inches, the usual size of tablets found these days.

When Will Xbox Series Z Release?

Microsoft is planning to bring a refreshed Xbox Series X console in mid-2024. Looking at this, Microsoft might also announce the Xbox Series Z alongside if they witness the trend shifting toward handheld consoles. If the Xbox Series Z is announced alongside the refreshed Series X, it is possible that Microsoft will release the Xbox Series Z handheld gaming console in Q4 2024.

What is the Price of Xbox Series Z?

At the current moment, it is practically impossible to tell the exact pricing of the Xbox Series Z. The main reason behind this is nothing has been said from Microsoft to this makes things difficult for us to analyze. Anyway, a fair estimate would be $700 to $750.

Currently, the Asus Rog Ally is the only handheld console that can give competition to the upcoming Xbox Series Z. If the Xbox Series Z truly comes out, in order to compete with the Rog Ally and Legion Go, the pricing will be close to them. If Microsoft decides to place a premium, they will have to offer something unique that others are not providing at the moment, like an AMOLED display with a 144 Hz refresh rate or quad speakers and 5G connectivity.

Xbox Series Z Competition

Considering the price of the Xbox Series Z, the console will have a tough time getting ahold of the market. The handheld gaming console market is not as strong as that of mainstream console gamers and PC Gamers, considering the ability to freely play games and also mod them sometimes. The market is very niche, with only a few people using handheld consoles, especially while traveling or something similar.

Looking at the current scenario, the Asus Rog Ally and Lenovo Legion Go seem to be the only worthy competitors but again, they are out of the Xbox Series Z league because they are basically handheld Windows PCs. Other than this, there’s Steam Deck, which has the benefit of running almost all Steam Titles and other AAA games with ease.

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