Starlink Ethernet Adapter Setup And Review

The Starlink Ethernet Adapter is an extremely handy accessory for Starlink users that allows them to add an Ethernet port to their system. Besides, this small device can be easily connected to the router to enable hardwired Ethernet connections. It’s worth noting that the Wi-Fi router included in the Standard hardware kits doesn’t come with an Ethernet port. Therefore, if you prefer using a hardwired Ethernet connection instead of Wi-Fi to connect devices to the internet, you’ll need the Starlink Ethernet Adapter.

To assist you with the installation and setup of the Ethernet Adapter, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide. We’ll walk you through the simple steps involved in the process. Additionally, we’ll share our review of the product, including our initial impressions and long-term experience since purchasing it. Lastly, we’ll address some of the frequently asked questions about compatibility and purchasing the product.

Key points:

  • The Starlink Ethernet Adapter adds an Ethernet port to the system.
  • It’s a small device that can be connected to the router.
  • The Wifi router included in the Standard hardware kits doesn’t have an Ethernet port.
  • The guide provides detailed steps for the installation and setup of the adapter.
  • Our review includes initial impressions and long-term experience with the product.
  • We’ll answer some frequently asked questions about compatibility and purchasing the adapter.

Starlink Ethernet Adapter Setup And Review

Starlink Ethernet Adapter Setup and Installation

Installing the Starlink Ethernet Adapter is a straightforward process that requires minimal setup. Even without any technical expertise or tools, you can follow these simple steps to install the adapter:

Step 1: Turn off the Starlink router by unplugging the AC power cord from the wall outlet. It’s recommended to turn off both the router and the dish while reconfiguring cables.

Step 2: Disconnect the Starlink antenna cable from the bottom of the router.

Step 3: Plug the Starlink Ethernet Adapter into the port where the Starlink antenna cable was previously connected.

Step 4: Connect the Starlink antenna cable to the adapter’s connector.

Step 5: Power everything back on by plugging in the router AC power cord at the wall. Allow several minutes for the Starlink system to boot up and establish a connection to satellites. You can monitor the status of the system using the Starlink App. Once the app indicates that Starlink is Online, you’re ready to go. No further setup is required.

By following these steps, you can now connect devices to the internet via Ethernet, in addition to using WiFi as usual.

Starlink Ethernet Adapter Honest Review

As early beta testers for Starlink, we were surprised when the newer generation of hardware that is being sold today didn’t come with an Ethernet port on the router, unlike the round dish router that we had. The round dish router had an Ethernet port built in, making it easy for us to connect devices via Ethernet.

However, Starlink has likely removed the Ethernet port to lower manufacturing costs, as most people use Wifi for all their devices these days. For those who need a hardwire connection, the Starlink Ethernet Adapter is available for just $25.

The Starlink Ethernet Adapter is a small and simple device that can be easily installed between the router and the dish to provide a single Ethernet port.

It’s made of good quality plastic that matches the other Starlink hardware and has a slim profile that allows it to be tucked away behind a desk or cabinet. Once installed, it’s easy to forget that it’s even there, which is a good thing.

Since we started using the adapter, it has performed well without any issues. We’ve connected our main PC to it, which has allowed us to avoid gaming or video conferencing over Wifi.

We’ve found Ethernet to be faster and more reliable than Wifi for these activities. If you need an Ethernet port to connect devices or want to use an aftermarket router with Starlink, the Ethernet Adapter is definitely worth the investment.

Where to Buy Starlink Ethernet Adapter?

To purchase the Starlink Ethernet Adapter, customers must visit the official Shop, as it is the only authorized retailer for the adapter. To access the page, customers must have a Starlink account and be logged in. The adapter is available for purchase at a cost of $25.

However, because the demand is so huge, users are selling the Starlink ethernet adapter for close to $500 on eBay. We recommend that you stay away from such sellers and fraudsters.


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