How to Recover Your Amazon Account

Many people depend on the services Amazon provides, starting from video streaming to e-commerce. However, what would you do if you lost access to these services? Needless to say, Amazon is the favorite e-commerce platform across the globe. And once you lose your password, you run out of clues and look for methods to recover your Amazon account.

It is usual for one to forget the password of an account. Besides, an average internet user has at least seven social media and other accounts that he/she has to manage. Consequently, having many accounts means using more than one password. Perhaps you have unique passwords for each account you own, as it is safe to have complex and different passwords.

Interestingly, Amazon is probably one of those active accounts you have. Many online shoppers prefer Amazon because of how convenient the website is. But what happens when you are unable to log in to your account? Simply search google and land on our page, where we will help you out.

How to Recover Your Amazon Account

How to Recover Your Amazon Account

Have you ever got frustrated just because you forgot your Amazon password? Well, if so, then you have landed on the right destination. Here, we will describe the step-by-step procedure to quickly recover your Amazon account. Just carefully follow these steps, and your Amazon account will be back at home:

  1. First of all, open Amazon using your browser, then at the login page, click on the ‘Forgot Your Password.’
  2. On the next page, enter the Email or phone number that you used before to create an Amazon account. Then, click on the ‘Continue’ button.
  3. It is also possible that you changed your email address or password since you opened your account. So, don’t be a fuss and smartly straight click here to contact the Amazon customer service.
  4. Now, simply select one option from set a new password and sign in with a temporary code using which you want your password changed. Select what you want and click on the Continue button.
  5. Then, a verification code is sent to your registered email account (only if you’ve enabled the two-factor authentication)
  6. After that, if you cannot find that confirmation email, check the promotion or spam section. Also, if you have opted for a mobile number to change your password, check your text message app.
  7. Once you get that Email, you will see a code sent by Amazon to verify that they are contacting the authorized owner of the particular account.
  8. So, please copy the code, go back to the Amazon website, and paste it into the required field as directed in your Email. Then, hit the continue button.
  9. As the next step, you need to enter the name you’ve used while creating the account. This is also part of Amazon’s security questions to ensure owners’ privacy.
  10. Then, finally, enter a new password and hit the enter key.

Always keep in mind that the password you create must be strong. Now, why is it recommended to use a strong password? So simple, to ensure that your account is safe from malicious third-party activities? Also, a weak password may be easy to guess.

The Bottom Line

In the current scenario, social media, shopping sites, online games, streaming platforms, etc., become a vital part of our lifestyle. Considerably, if we forget our passwords, then recovering it is going to really tough. The same goes for the recovery of the Amazon account.

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