PS5 SSD: How to Install Expansion Hard Drive

PS5 is the latest gaming console in the market and a lot of people are hoping to own one. However, if you are lucky enough and already have one, it would be great to upgrade your PS5 with a brand new SSD with more storage capacity. This way, you will get enough room on your PS5 to store as many games as you want. However, before upgrading you should know that this option is present for both, the Disc Edition as well as the Digital Edition. Also, it is always recommended to upgrade your SSD because originally you get only 825GB of Storage out of which only 667.2GB  is available to use. With that being said, here’s how you can install an SSD on your PS5 using the expansion hard drive.

 PS5 SSD: How to Install Expansion Hard Drive

How to Install Expansion Hard Drive (SSD) in PS5

The PS5’s onboard storage, which is directly soldered to the console’s mainboard, is 825GB in both the digital and standard editions. Users are unable to remove or replace this storage. In spite of this, the console does have an m.2 slot for an external SSD.

A small Philips head screwdriver is required for the minor disassembly required to install a new hard drive in a PS5. The m.2 slot can be accessed by following these steps:

  1. First of all, remove the stand from the PS5 console.
  2. Next, turn the console upside down.
  3. Now with the front of the PS5 facing towards you, lift the back left corner and slide the plate to the right.  PS5 SSD: How to Install Expansion Hard Drive
  4. There is a metal cover over the m.2 slot, which is held in place by a Phillips head screw. The m.2 slot can be accessed by removing this plate.  PS5 SSD: How to Install Expansion Hard Drive

Once you are done with the removal, its time to install the m.2 drive into your PS5:

  1. Choose the right orientation for the m.2 drive.
  2. Now, gently insert the drive into the socket but make sure to apply some force otherwise it won’t get in.
  3. To secure the m.2 drive, use one hand to push the end of the drive into the mounting hole and the other hand to thread the retention screw in.
  4. It is time to tighten the retention screws to their full extent. Once the drive is firmly in place, the user does not need to torque the screw any further. Attempting to do so could result in damaging the drive.

What m.2 Form Factors and Speeds are Compatible with the PS5?

Almost any m.2 drive form factor can be used with the PS5. When it comes to choosing an expansion SSD, users are instead constrained by the speed of their current drive.

PS5 m.2 Compatible Form Factors

You can mount the following m.2 form factors into a PS5:

  • 30
  • 42
  • 60
  • 80
  • 110

Although 80mm m.2 SSDs are the most popular, smaller drives are also available. Because the SSD bay on the PS5 is so large, it can accommodate both bare m.2 drives and those equipped with heatsinks. Although the PS5 channels some of the air coming from the fan to cool the SSD bay, users don’t need to purchase a drive with a heatsink.

PS5 SSD m.2 Speed Requirements

The PS5’s expansion SSD must meet the following requirements:

  • m.2 form factor (30, 42, 60, or 80mm)
  • Read speeds greater than or at least 5.5GB/s.
  • Drive must be PCIe 4.0 compatible.

The first requirement is simple to meet, but the second and third are more difficult to accomplish. PCIe 4.0 drives aren’t widely available, and many of those that are don’t meet the 5.5GB/s read speed requirements.

The Bottom Line

Well, that’s all we have here about how you can install an expansion solid-state hard drive in PS5. We hope this guide helped you. If you liked this, make sure to check out our guide on how you can fix PS5 Error Code CE-107857-8?

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