How to Use Nvidia FreeStyle to Enhance Your Game’s Visuals?


How often do we wish for the game’s visuals to be a shade darker, a little brighter, or slightly warmer in tone? While there are tools available that will let you do so, they require a hell of a lot of tweaking beforehand. Want to know a more straightforward way. Well, there is one, and it’s called the NVIDIA FreeStyle. This guide will tell you how to use Nvidia FreeStyle to Enhance Your Game’s Visuals.

FreeStyle is a utility that comes built-in with all the latest NVIDIA graphic cards. It’s a post-processing technology that lets you make changes to the game’s appearance in real-time. You can adjust the colors and sharpness of the images. Furthermore, you can also apply extreme changes that extensively alter the visuals, like turning them black and white.

Since FreeStyle comes integrated into the driver and Nvidia’s In-Game Overlay, it’s much simpler to work with. You can easily alter the game’s appearance. Similar tools that rely on post-processing technology require a lot of tweaking before getting any noticeable results. That said, let’s learn about how to Use Nvidia FreeStyle to enhance your game’s visuals.

How to Use Nvidia FreeStyle to Enhance Your Game's Visuals?

What Are the System Requirements for NVIDIA FreeStyle?

FreeStyle is the proprietary of NVIDIA and comes integrated with the NVIDIA graphic cards. So having a system with a graphic card from NVIDIA is a must to enjoy the FreeStyle post-processing tool.

Another requirement is the Nvidia drivers. If you don’t have the drivers installed already, you can quickly get them from the official NVIDIA website.

Which Games work with NVIDIA FreeStyle?

Since FreeStyle is a post-processing technology, it works with the majority of games. However, there are certain games in which all the FreeStyle in-game filters don’t work.

If you want to see the complete list, head to the supported game page of NVIDIA. Expand the drop-down menu that says Optimal Game Settings, and there you will have the list of titles that supports NVIDIA FreeStyle.

How to Use Nvidia FreeStyle to Enhance Your Game’s Visuals

Applying the game filters via NVIDIA FreeStyle is simple, and a few steps will suffice. Once you apply the filters, the changes will reflect in real-time.

Let’s spruce up the game’s appearance with Nvidia FreeStyle. Here are the steps:

Step 1: You need to first install the latest version of the GeForce Experience. After that, download and install the newest Game Ready driver too.

Step 2: Now, you are all equipped to experiment with your in-game visuals and enliven their appearance. To directly access the FreeStyle game filter sidebar, press the Alt and F3 keys simultaneously.

Step 3: Once you press the keys, the game filter sidebar will appear on the left of the screen. It will have three slots to apply a different combination of filters. There is also an OFF button to nullify any changes you make.

 Regarding the function of each filter, you should get all the information in the name of the filter itself. Besides, the real fun of the in-game filters is to experiment with different combinations and see what works out best. However, if a particular filter is not to your liking, just click on it again and readjust the slider to the previous levels.

Do NVIDIA FreeStyle in-game filters apply to all games?

The FreeStyle in-game filters change the game’s appearance through post-processing. As they are independent of the game’s internal mechanics, you may think they will work on every game.

However, that’s not true – many filters do not work on certain games. For example, the depth of field filter will not work with Ansel-supported games. Don’t be disappointed, though, as the number of games for which the in-game filters work far outnumbers the ones where these filters don’t work.

The Bottom Line

Post-processing technology brings the exciting features of filters to the gaming world. It’s a fun way of sprucing the gameplay by the application of dramatic filters.

While many tools let you tweak the game’s appearance, FreeStyle beats them all in simplicity and ease of use. In this guide, we have detailed the use of Nvidia FreeStyle to enhance your game’s visuals. Go on then, apply the various combinations of NVIDIA Freestyle filters and make the gameplay more lively and exciting.

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