Is Samsung Galaxy S22 Waterproof

Samsung Galaxy S22 is a class-leading smartphone that you would admire to use. You cannot keep away Samsung from inventing new things and bringing the latest technology to the customers. However, people usually ask, is the Samsung Galaxy S22 waterproof?

For them, Samsung Galaxy S22 works hard for its S series lineup, and thereby, they often come with the standard IP68 rating.

On the 9th of February, 2022, Samsung released the Galaxy S22, making it a real thing. In 2022, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is still a very good option, especially now that it is significantly less expensive than its predecessors.

Waterproofing is an important consideration if you’re considering purchasing the Samsung Galaxy S22. It’s a good question to ask yourself if you’ve never had the pleasure of using a Samsung phone before. Let’s see what we can discover.

This certainly is a level of trust and resistance to water up to the depth of 1.5 m of freshwater for 30 minutes. IP stands for Ingress Protection which is the universally accepted measurement that measures the degrees of dust and liquid resistance.

Is Samsung Galaxy S22 Waterproof?

If an individual is willing to pay so much of the cost for a luxurious cell phone they would at least expect it would be waterproof. Samsung S22 comes with the perfect IP68 ratings and gives you a waterproof experience that you can enjoy at various places.

The best thing about the Samsung S22 is, the cooling system that works faster than its competition. Generally, the charging increases the temperature of the cell phone. This will no longer be an issue. You can always select Samsung as your best option.

Waterproof Test

By now, we all know that Samsung S22 is a completely waterproof smartphone with an IP68 rating. However, to be more sure, we researched to know how strong it really is.

Is Samsung Galaxy S22 Waterproof

The result did fascinate us, here you can see some screenshots that show you how rigid and resistant the smartphone really is.

Is Samsung Galaxy S22 Waterproof

Well, after seeing these photos you can be assured that Samsung Galaxy S22 is indeed a perfectly waterproof smartphone. Simple rain and water from taps can do no harm to this device.

You can easily go on diving trips and click underwater pictures using this smartphone. However, results under a Sea can be different because of salt.

That’s all we have for you about Samsung S22 is a waterproof smartphone or not. We hope after reading this guide you made your mind about purchasing it. Wait for a while it will be available soon. You can check out our other guides until then.

You need to upgrade yourself along with technology. Irrespective of any new electronic gadgets and irrespective of the device, you will always seek waterproof options.

And why not? Safety comes first. When you are investing so much money in using luxurious gadgets it becomes imperative for you to look for safety. So now let’s learn a bit more about Samsung Galaxy S22 and know is it really Waterproof or IP68 is just a gimmick!

Is Samsung Galaxy S22 Waterproof

Why Choose Samsung?

Researches show that Samsung is the most trusted brand in the world after Apple. Ahead of Apple, it is the largest smartphone manufacturer with a major stake in the Android market which makes it a global leader.

Samsung smartphones are not only available in local stores but also online. Further, their A-series lineup is targeted at the midrange that offers a great price to value ratio.

Samsung has great R&D and thus never delays any update. You can buy a Samsung device and rest assured of it being updated every 3 months for at least 2 to 3 years.

Screens of Samsung devices are always appealing and hands down camera quality.

The after-sales services of Samsung are one of the best you will ever find. Interestingly, research shows that Samsung users never shift to any other brand because they are so much satisfied.

Samsung Galaxy S22, Release Date, Specifications, and Price

Most of you might be excited to know the features, release date, and the price teachers of the S22 series.

Release Date

The rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S22 are heating up and we are getting close to the launch of the cell phone.

Samsung is scheduling the release date of the Galaxy S22 in early 2022. However, owing to the Pandemic and current scenarios the launch can push back a few months.

Also, there is still the news that is S22 launch can be delayed due to the global chip shortage all around the world.

Price: The Deciding Factor

To be very honest we haven’t seen or heard any rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S22 price. Most people anticipate that Samsung will keep similar prices to that of the S21 lineup.

The company has reduced the cost for most of the models by $200. So we don’t see the prices going back up. Samsung Galaxy S22 will cost around $799, while Galaxy S22 Plus will be $999 and Galaxy S20 to Ultra will cost around $1199.

That’s fair considering the value of such devices. And no one purchases an S series device for being a value for money option. S series is known to be the best in class.

Camera Quality

The biggest change that the Galaxy S22 brings is the under-display camera. You will no longer see the traditional punch hole at the top of the display for the camera.

The true full-screen design will give the perfect look to your cellphone. Moreover, Samsung has filed a patent for the punch hole camera with sub-display.

S22 comes with a huge 50 MPcamera and sensors to take the images along with a 12 MP ultra-wide telephoto lens.

Also, Samsung is reportedly testing the ability to shoot 8k videos at 60 frames per second in this latest model. If this comes out to be, this yet another benchmark feature because no other manufacture has dared to do so.

You can never keep away the camera result of Samsung. Still many of you might not find it correct as compared to iPhone 13, but still, the 8K camera recording brings in more benefits of the camera.

Display Screen

You cannot compromise on the display screen. Many people are more camera conscious these days and camera and display go hand in hand.

Needless to say, Samsung Galaxy S22 will boast a QuadHD+ Optic AMOLED display. And everyone knows Samsung is famous for its displays.

As per other news sources, Samsung is shrinking the display of S22 models as compared to galaxy S21. The display of Galaxy S22 would be 6.06 inches down from 6.2 inches on S21. While it would be 6.5 inches on Galaxy S22 Plus and 6.81 for Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Specs and Graphics

Galaxy S22 can come up with Snapdragon 895 which is said to have a 4nm chip. Moreover, Samsung galaxy gets the major boost in graphics with the help of GPU based on AMD’s RDNA architecture. With the help of these, Galaxy S22 will support the latest game consoles and can give the best gaming experience.

If you are a gamer then this cell phone is perfect for you as the microprocessor gives you the lag-free gaming experience. This gives you a huge advantage and gives you the best gaming experience along with the perfect battery backup. You cannot forget the battery backup if you are a gamer.

Battery and Charging Experience

Samsung Galaxy S22 will pack a 3000 mAh battery. Further, the S22 plus offers a 4600 mAh battery, and S22 Ultra is expected to give a 5000 mAh power house.

Unless the regular charging capacity Samsung is going to provide the charging of 45W which can charge your mobile in a few minutes time. The charging time of the cell phone will decrease eventually and the standby time will increase.

However, the real-world results can be slightly different but you can expect a decent battery backup. Furthermore, you will get 30W wireless charging.

Now, you can enjoy surfing over the internet with the 5G network without any hassle. Playing games on the Samsung Galaxy S22 will be a breeze with so much battery juice and excellent CPU combined with a powerful GPU.

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