How to Tag Everyone in a WhatsApp Group?

Users with plenty of WhatsApp groups are usually not aware whenever they receive a message. They usually check the message from the top and leave. However, tagging them in a message makes a difference. When a WhatsApp group has more than 300 people, it becomes increasingly difficult for a person to tag everyone or mention each person on WhatsApp.

Consequently, users in such groups often search for ways to mention or tag everyone in a WhatsApp group at once. In this guide, we will see how you can tag everyone in a WhatsApp Group. We will also look at some other methods of grabbing the member’s attention,

How to Tag Everyone in a WhatsApp Group?

How to Tag Everyone in a WhatsApp Group?

If you wish to tag everyone in a WhatsApp group, you cannot do that with a single click. Let alone a single click, you will have to keep selecting all the names and keep typing @ every time you wish to tag a person.

As of now, there’s no such feature that allows a user to tag or mention all users at once with a message. However, to grab the attention of all the users, you can send something that has a hook attached to it. Hook means an attention-grabbing word. It can also be a picture.

Furthermore, there’s no way that you add a single @ and keep mentioning users with commas. You have to use @ every time. Besides, tagging a person doesn’t provide much help if you see it carefully.

On Facebook, when a user tags you or mentions your name in a comment, you are instantly notified by the bell icon. On the other hand, being a Meta product, WhatsApp hasn’t implemented anything similar or even close to it. You can only see your name mentions and tags when you actually see the message.

How to Tag or Mention People on WhatsApp?

If you have been using WhatsApp for quite some time now, you already know how to mention or tag people in WhatsApp and in groups. However, for the unknowns, you have to type the @ symbol using your keyboard and swipe from the names that appear above your keyboard.

Once you select the name, the person is tagged and mentioned. This method works in all cases, be it status replies, sending images, or even replying to conversations.

How to Grab the Attention of WhatsApp Users in Groups?

If your users are not paying heed to anything you are saying, or anyone else for that matter, you might be thinking hard about grabbing their attention.

You should know by now that tagging simply doesn’t make a difference, and even if you tag a person, that person isn’t notified. If he or she doesn’t open the WhatsApp group, they won’t know that you have tagged or mentioned them.

The best way to figure this out is to send a picture. With the picture, make sure to type the message in the Caption section. Once you do this and hit the send button, people will definitely see your message. Since images are normally not visible from the notification area, users will open the chat to view it.

The Bottom Line

Well, that’s all we have here about how you can tag all people in the WhatsApp group at once. We hope this guide has helped you. Sorry to disappoint you that there’s no way to mention everyone at once. If you have any doubts or queries, our comments section is open and also check out our best lists and how-to guides. Thank you for being our valuable reader.

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