How to Open WIM files in Windows 10

Have you ever encountered a WIM file in Windows 10 and weren’t able to figure out a way to open WIM files in Windows 10?

Double-clicking doesn’t work, and you are confused about it. Don’t worry. We explain all about WIM files and how can you open WIM files in Windows 10.

How to Open WIM files in Windows 10

What is a WIM File?

First to know, WIM files are “Windows Imaging Format” – a disk format used to code images. Microsoft introduced WIM files in Windows Vista.

The benefits of using a WIM format are optimization, compressed file, smaller footprint, and sophisticated memory usage. Further, WIM files resources are – Metadata, Lookup table, XML data, Integrity table, and Header, and file resource.

WIM files can be opened directly in Internet Explorer but involve modifications because Windows 10 cannot open WIM files directly.

How to Open WIM Files in Windows 10

Here are some helpful third-party tools that can easily use to open WIM files in Windows 10. So now is the time to know about how to actually open WIM files on Windows 10.

Following are a list of recommended programs and dedicated tools that help to open WIM files in Windows 10:-

1. File Viewer Plus

It is a universal file viewer that can open 300 different file types for Windows. File Viewer Plus opens WIM files and is also available with edit options. Also useful for Text and Hex views to inspect the file contents to display native view of the files.

Download: FileViewer Plus

2. WinMount International

A popular program to configure compressed disk and files. It also enables you to compress, format, and convert different file formats in Windows.

WinMount International can be used to open WIM files in Windows 10. Its support formats ZIP,7Z, RAR, ISO & WIM, and WIM give access to editing, modifying, and converting WIM files.

Download: WinMount International

3. PeaZip

Free software to compress, encrypt and extract utility files. PeaZip tool features to create a duplicate, split, join files with a simple file manager.

Also supports many file formats such as ZIP, Tar, WIM, GZIP, RAR, PEA formats, etc. Easily extract WIM files and also modify, compress files.

PeaZip has strong encryption and provides excellent security. PeaZip is the best utility tool to open WIM files in Windows 10.

Download: PeaZip

4. ExtractNow

A popular program used to extract, compress and encrypt files and also allows multiple file extraction.

The ExtractNow program supports lots of file formats such as ZIP, RAR, WIM, and TAR. ExtractNow has a simple user interface with a powerful program that can open WIM files in WIndows 10.

Download: ExtractNow

5. 7Zip

The most popular open-source program is free to download and uses open WIM files in Windows 10. The 7Zip was used to modify the size and quick file transfer.

A clean and straightforward user interface and supports different 100 above file formats such as WIM, RAR, GZIP, BZIP2, ISO, CAB, RPM, and NTFS, etc.

Furthermore, it makes it effortless to open WIM files in Windows 10 and allows you to modify, mount & convert WIM files to other formats you want to select.

Download: 7zip

Steps to Open WIM Files in Windows 10

  • Download and install any one from listed programs to your computer.
  • Navigate to the WIM file.
  • Right-click on the WIM file and “Open With.”
  • Open With installed tools on your computer.

The Bottom Line

This guide mentioned methods and programs are 100% helpful to open WIM files in Windows 10. Most accessible tools to open WIM files and also allow for mounting, modifying, converting. All are commonly used and trusted by Windows Operating System. Now it is very easy to open WIM files on Windows 10. If you have questions and query feel free to comment.

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