How To Fix PS4 WS-37337-3 Error [2023]

If you’re encountering the PS4 WS-37337-3 error code, you may be feeling frustrated and confused. Rest assured that you’re not alone – many users have reported experiencing this error even if they haven’t done anything wrong.

While using your PlayStation 4 in 2023, you might be surprised to notice the error code WS-37337-3 suddenly. In contrast, if you get the WS 37337 3, it means that your PS4 account has been suspended. But don’t panic because there’s nothing in this world that cannot be fixed. In this guide, we will discuss what causes the PS4 WS-37337-3 error, why it happens, and how you can fix it.

Key Takeaways:

  • The PS4 error code WS-37337-3 is a ban imposed on your PlayStation Account.
  • The ban can either be temporary or permanent, depending on the severity of the violation of Sony’s Terms of Service and Code of Conduct.
  • The ban can sometimes also occur due to payment issues such as unauthorized refunds towards PSN network charges.

How To Fix PS4 WS-37337-3 Error


What Does the PS4 WS-37337-3 Error Code Mean?

If you can’t access the PlayStation Network on your PlayStation 4 and get the WS-37337-3 error, it means your PSN account has been suspended.

The WS-37337-3 error on your PS4 occurs due to a ban imposed on your account. As it turns out, the ban is still evident in 2023. Moreover, it means that your PlayStation console from now on won’t be able to connect to the PlayStation network due to suspension from Sony.

The Full error message reads: Access to PlayStation Network by this account has been temporarily suspended due to policy violations. Check your email inbox for a message with more details. Also, refer to the PlayStation Network Terms of Service and User Agreement. (WS-37337-3)

An email with more information will be sent to the account’s email address. Also, see the Terms of Service and User Agreement for the PlayStation Network (WS-37337-3).”

A PSN account that has been banned or suspended is unable to access the PlayStation Network or use its products and services. You won’t be able to use the games, items, or other digital content that you paid for.

The length of the suspension is determined by the severity of the offense, so you’ll have to check your email to find out. Sony sends you an email to inform you of your account suspension and the timeframe for when it will be lifted.

What Causes of WS-37337-3 Error Code on PS4?

The WS-37337-3 suspension can occur for various reasons, but mainly, what we have seen so far is due to violating Sony’s Terms of Service, Code of Community Conduct, and Policy Against Hate Speech associated with your PlayStation Account.

Unlike PS4 error code E-8210604A, which mainly occurs due to payment problems, error code WS-37337-3 can occur due to the aforementioned issues. However, it is also possible that the ban is imposed due to unauthorized payment refunds, such as PSN Network Charge.

If your account has been permanently banned, it is possible that you haven’t been respectful enough in the PSN community or spammed. Either way, if you have harassed someone or been a bully, you can forget about getting unbanned.

1. Violation of PlayStation Network ToS (Terms of Service) or CoC (Code of Conduct)

By creating a PlayStation Network account, it is necessary to agree to Sony’s Terms of Service, which outlines the conditions that must be adhered to. It is understandable that not everyone has the inclination or time to peruse through the complex language used in the PSN Terms of Service, but non-compliance is not excused.

Sony takes any breaches of their Terms of Service seriously and violating any of their policies, even unintentionally, can lead to a temporary or permanent account ban. In severe cases, a console ban may also be enforced, which would prevent the usage of a PS4 console to connect to the PlayStation Network with any PSN account.

Moreover, the Community Code of Conduct (CoC) is a part of the ToS, and non-adherence can result in a ban or suspension. For example, if a player is reported for harassing or bullying others, their account could be suspended or banned. Continual violations of the ToS or CoC may result in a console ban.

2. Failure to Pay Due to Bank Issues

In the event that there is a pending payment that has not been settled, it is possible for your PlayStation account to be temporarily suspended. Sony does not condone delayed payments for transactions or subscriptions.

If you are experiencing difficulty accessing PlayStation Network due to the appearance of the WS-37337-3 error code, it is advisable to verify with your bank to determine if there are any outstanding payments owed to Sony.

3. Sony Suspects Fraud

In situations where Sony detects a potential account takeover or an abnormal purchase, the account in question may be temporarily suspended while an investigation is conducted. This also results in error code WS-37337-3 error code.

How to fix PS4 WS-37337-3 Error?

If you can’t access your PlayStation Network because of the WS-37337-3 error, try these steps to figure out what’s going on:

Fix 1: Check Your Email

If Sony has banned your PS4 account, the solution will also be sent by Sony to your email. There’s no way you haven’t received the email.

Go ahead and check your Spam folder. Remember, you should not delay more than 30 days because after that, the Spam is removed. Opening the email and following the steps mentioned by Sony will surely help you fix the How to Fix PS4 WS-37337-3 Error.

Fix 2: Review Possible Violations of Terms of Service or Code of Code

While the email notification from Sony should contain information about any account ban or suspension, additional details about the specific violation can be found in the PlayStation ToS, and the included CoC. It is recommended to review these documents to gain a better understanding of the violation.

Fix 3: Check With Your Bank

The PS4 WS 37337 3 ban mainly happens when there’s a problem with your payment. As you may already know, there’s a charge associated with using the PlayStation network.

Some users notice that a few bucks have been deducted from their bank. As a result, they ask for a refund from the bank. While the refund is certainly processed, Sony is not able to receive the payment. Consequently, Sony is now forced to ban your account.

Fix 4: Check Your Suspension Status

If your account has been temporarily banned, there is a chance that the ban will be lifted within a specific timeframe. This timeframe will be specified in the email sent to you. If you aren’t sure about this, check your Suspension Status here.

Fix 5: Log into Your PlayStation Account on Any Other Device

To determine if the issue is just a log-in problem, it is possible to verify by logging into the account with a different device. Checking to see if it is possible to log in with another PS4 or a mobile device is recommended.

If the PlayStation Network can be accessed on another console or a mobile device, logging out of the primary PS4 account and then signing back in is suggested.

Fix 6: Chargeback Sony

How To Fix PS4 WS-37337-3 Error

It is important to note that all account and console bans or suspensions are permanent and cannot be reversed. If the reason for the account suspension is due to an unpaid transaction or subscription, it is possible to contact Sony to resolve the debt.

If there is suspicion that the account has been hacked or has been utilized for unauthorized purchases, it is recommended to contact Sony immediately using the provided link.

If you think that the ban is wrongfully being imposed on you and you are not sure about it, you can request a Chargeback on Sony. This is also helpful in case your account was compromised and you weren’t in charge of your account when everything happened.

Remember, Chargeback cases are taken very seriously at Sony. If it is found that you did something wrong and your account wasn’t compromised at all, your temporary ban may change to permanent.

Fix 7: Review Terms of Service

If you have received the permanently suspended message from PS4 instead of the temporary one, it is possible that you have violated Sony’s Terms of Service.

It is clearly stated in the Terms of Service that you cannot harass anyone or spread spam while using the PSN. If you have done anything similar to that, there’s a scarce probability of your ban getting lifted.

Permanent bans are very rare in the case of the PlayStation Network. It only happens if you have violated the TOS several times already. If this is the case, think about creating a new PlayStation account.

Remember, harassment and bullying are taken very seriously by Sony. If you have anything similar, there’s no chance of retrieving your account.

Fix 8: Appeal for Suspension

If your account has been permanently banned, the last option you have is to speak with Sony and ask them to sort out this issue by Appealing for Suspension.

Suspension appeal at Sony is a rigorous process and involves providing every bit of information you have, starting from evidence to facts.

The main purpose of Sony’s suspension appeal is to have your WS-37337-3 suspension lifted and restore full access to PSN services.

Fix 6: Wait, Wait, and Wait

It is important to note that sometimes there is no immediate solution for error code WS-37337-3, and the only course of action is to wait for Sony to fix the issue. Users have reported an average waiting time of 48 to 72 hours, but in some cases, it may take up to a week. Before waiting, it is recommended to contact Sony customer support.

It is important to understand that bans and suspensions of accounts and consoles are not subject to review, similar to error code WS-37337-3. However, if the suspension of the account was due to an unpaid transaction or subscription, it is possible to contact Sony to settle the debt.

If there is a suspicion that the PlayStation Network account has been hacked or used without permission, it is crucial to contact Sony immediately.

If there is a demand for a refund for a charge that is not recognized, it is important to contact a Sony representative as soon as possible. It is advised not to try to secure a refund for unauthorized purchases or payments before contacting Sony, as this can lead to a temporary account suspension.

How to Prevent Future PSN Bans?

If you don’t want to get banned again from the PlayStation Network again, here are certain things that you should keep in mind:

  • Keep your Bank Account sufficiently funded to avoid PSN charge bounce.
  • Respect the PSN Community members.
  • Don’t harass or bully anyone. If they report, you are permanently banned. Even Sony cannot help you.
  • Review the Terms of Service, Community Code of Conduct, and Policy Against Hate Speech carefully.
  • Don’t spam or spread fake information in the community.
  • Don’t advertise your products or services.

If you manage to keep these points in mind, you can protect your PSN account from getting banned in the near future.

The Bottom Line

It’s important to note that attempting to hack or modify your PlayStation console can not only lead to a temporary ban but also a permanent ban. It’s always best to play by the rules and avoid any suspicious activity to ensure you don’t run into any issues with your account or console.

In summary, the WS-37337-3 error on your PS4 indicates that your account has been temporarily disabled, and the only way to find out how long the suspension will last is to contact PlayStation’s customer service or check your account email for a notification.

The error can be caused by various reasons such as suspected fraud, late payments, fraudulent activity, violations of the Terms of Service, and more. Always avoid hacking or modifying your console to prevent any bans or suspensions.

Update October 2023

It seems to us that a lot of our readers are suffering from PlayStation 4 WS-37337-3 Error code. While this is just a rumor of course, it seems to us that Sony is trying to ban most accounts running PS4 so that it can speedup the process of transition towards PS5.

Because the PS4 is already great and going strong even in 2023, not a lot of people are buying the PS5, which certainly is a loss for Sony. With banning several accounts on PS4, Sony can force a lot of buyers towards a new console that is PlayStation 5.

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