How to Fix Discord Crashing Issues

Several users have recently been affected by the ongoing Discord crashing issue while streaming games. Don’t worry if you find yourself in the same situation. It’s usually not difficult to fix.

How to Fix Discord Crashing

How to Fix Discord Crashing

Here are four solutions that have helped other users fix their Discord crashing issue. You may not need to try all of them; simply work your way down the list until you find one that suits your needs.

Fix 1: Update Your Device Drivers

How to Fix Discord Crashing

This issue can occur if you are using outdated or incorrect device drivers. As a result, you should update your drivers to see if this resolves your issue.

By device drivers, we primarily mean display and graphics drivers. You have to open Device Management, then under Display, look out for the drivers, uninstall, and download the latest drivers from your respective manufacturer’s website.

In our case, we are using Nvidia drivers, so we need to go to the official Nvidia driver downloads page and download the driver.

Once you have downloaded and installed the latest driver, restart your computer and open Discord to check if the crashing issue has been resolved or not.

Fix 2: Disable Hardware acceleration

Hardware acceleration is a Discord feature that assigns all graphics and text rendering to the GPU, resulting in a smoother Discord experience. If Discord on your PC keeps crashing while this feature is enabled, you can try turning it off to see if that fixes the problem.

  1. Navigate to User Settings in Discord and click it. How to Fix Discord Crashing
  2. Scroll down to Appearance in the left pane. Then scroll down to Hardware Acceleration in the right pane and make sure it’s turned off. How to Fix Discord Crashing

Try streaming games in Discord again to see if the crashing issue has been resolved.  If you answered yes, congratulations! Don’t worry if the problem persists; there are two more fixes to try.

Fix 3: Delete Discord App Data

If the crashing problem is caused by corrupt files or cache, deleting the app data will solve the problem.

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Press the Windows key and R at the same time on your keyboard, then type %AppData%\discord and press Enter. How to Fix Discord Crashing
  2. Next, in the Discord folder, double-click on the Cache folder to open it. How to Fix Discord Crashing
  3. After that, press Ctrl and A at the same time to select all the files in the Cache folder, and press Shift and Delete together to permanently delete the files. How to Fix Discord Crashing
  4. Now go back to the Discord folder, and double-click on Local Storage folder. How to Fix Discord Crashing
  5. Similarly, delete all the files from the Local Storage folder following the same method. How to Fix Discord Crashing

Finally, open Discord and check if the crashing issue still occurs. If it doesn’t occur, then you have fixed the issue! If not, proceed with Fix 4 as it is the last option.

Fix 4: Reinstall Discord

If the above fixes don’t work to fix the discord crashing issue, it’s recommended that you delete Discord’s old folders and reinstall it.

  1. Complete the steps mentioned in Fix 3.
  2. Press the Windows+R key to open the Run dialog box.
  3. In the Run dialog box, type appwiz.cpl and press Enter. How to Fix Discord Crashing
  4. Find Discord, and click on Uninstall. How to Fix Discord Crashing
  5. Follow the Uninstallation steps as mentioned on-screen.
  6. Download discord from the official website.

When the installation is complete, don’t start Discord right away. Restart your PC followed by opening Discord to see if the crashing issue is resolved.

By now, you must have fixed the crashing issue in Discord. We hope this guide helped you. Moreover, we have prepared a separate guide about finding the best discord servers, make sure to read that as well.

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Furthermore, if you have any questions or suggestions, please use the comment section below to contact us. Here’s our guide to fix Discord Connection Issues.

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