How to Fix Nahimic Companion Keeps Reinstalling

You may have come across something called the Nahimic companion if you use an MSI laptop or a PC with an MSI motherboard. It’s billed as an audio enhancement program that can boost your computer’s audio input and output capabilities.

Many Windows 10 users have recently discovered that Nahimic, an audio driver, has been installed on their system. The driver is intended to enhance your audio experience in your system; however, several users have reported that the Nahimic Companion software crashes and stops working at any time.

It’s not easy to uninstall the software, which may surprise some given that it came with the most recent Windows 10 update. When you uninstall Nahimic Companion, it will reinstall itself, much to your surprise. So, let’s take a look at what Nahimic Companion is and how you can get rid of it right now.

[Fixed] Nahimic Companion Keeps Reinstalling

What is Nahimic Companion?

There’s an app called Nahimic Companion that lets you manage all of the app’s features. It appears each time you attach a new audio device to your PC and can be used to optimize the device for the audio you’ll be listening to, according to the data it collects.

You can choose from a variety of gaming, movie, communication, and music profiles, all of which can be tuned to your specific tastes.

It even has a Sound Tracker tool in the companion app that can show you in a radar-like overlay where a sound has come from in a game.

Nahimic Companion is the app that comes pre-installed on your device with Nahimic drivers or is installed as part of Windows Update.

The Companion software will not be available to all Windows 10 users because the company is only releasing drivers for a select few who are actively working with them.

You have a good chance of getting the app if you own MSI, Aorus, ASRock, Dell, Machenike, or ThundeRobot motherboards or laptops and devices.

The audio driver has a lot of cool features until it crashes or stops working while watching a movie or playing a game. Nahimic Companion is difficult to uninstall from your computer.

Nahimic’s impressive sound technology supports up to high-definition 7.1 audio, which improves your gaming computer’s audio and speech quality.

Interestingly, they have sophisticated algorithms like the Sound Tracker, which is a visual indicator that shows where the game’s most common sounds originate. The Sound Tracker appears on the top screen while playing games.

All of these fantastic Nahimic effects are available in any audio system with any networking capability, including HDMI, audio jack, Bluetooth, and so on.

For microphone chats, they have two main algorithms: Voice Stabilizer and Static Noise Suppression. Before it crashes or stops working, the audio driver has a lot of cool features.

Here’s a list Nahimic compatible games if you want to check!

Should You Uninstall Nahimic?

Once they play around with the companion app and adjust a few settings to their liking, most users find Nahimic useful. Although Nahimic won’t have a major impact on your PC, your audio may suffer as a result of the program being removed.

Try out Nahimic first before uninstalling the program, as it’s highly recommended. For those who have made up their minds, here’s how to get rid of the Nahimic Companion app from their computer.

How to Fix Nahimic Companion Keeps Reinstalling?

You may have noticed that Nahimic Companion automatically gets installed even if you try uninstalling it. However, with our special fix here, you don’t have to worry about getting it back.

Make sure to follow each step mentioned here carefully:

  1. Press the Win+R button to open the Run dialog box.
  2. Now, in the Run dialog box, type services.msc and press enter.
  3. In the services box, look out for Nahimic and disable it. This is the most important step.
  4. Now come back to the home screen and press Win+R to open the Run dialog box again.
  5. This time type devmgmt.msc and press enter to open Device Manager.
  6. Now expand Sounds, video, and game controllers by pressing the [>] key.
  7. Next, right-click the Nahimic mirroring device and disable it or uninstall the driver completely.
  8. At last, you can now open Apps & features to completely uninstall the Nahimic Companion app.

Either way, if you notice that the Nahimic Companion app got reinstalled, you can follow the next fix, although it is a bit tricky. However, in our tests, Nahimic Companion didn’t come back after following the above steps.

Nahimic Companion Got Reinstalled – Here’s how to Bid Adieu

Use your antivirus software to block nhnotify.exe (the program that appears in your system tray and can also be seen running in the task manager as A-Volute)

Search for Task Scheduler in the search box, click on Run as Administrator and deactivate or delete whatever you see matches: NahimicSvc32Run / NamimicSvc64Run / NamimicTask32 / NamimicTask64.

Installing a stripped version of Realtek’s driver (without Nahimic by deleting any files/folders related to it in the downloaded driver folder) may solve the problem. Using a third-party uninstaller (such as Revo Uninstaller in hunter mode) may help if that doesn’t get rid of the problem. Even if the problem persists, you can use a code editing application to scramble the code of the Nahimic Companion’s EXE files.

Well, that’s all you need to do in order to get rid of the Nahimic Companion app, and it won’t bug you forever. However, if it comes back again, this guide is here to help. 

We hope this guide helps completely remove the Nahimic Companion and fix its reinstallation. If you liked this, don’t forget to check out our gamingtroubleshooting, and computing guides. 

Furthermore, if you have any questions or suggestions, please use the comment below to contact us.

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