Fix: Valorant Error Code VAN 0

Valorant is an online game that was developed by Riot Games and has brought about a new way of gaming. It is a free-to-play game and it has been downloaded over 12 million times. But don’t worry we are all aware of the Valorant Error Code VAN 0.

Its popularity is due to the ease of use and fun style that it offers. Sadly, many users have been encountering a serious issue: VAN 0 error code. In this article, we will go over how to fix the VAN 0 error on Valorant. If you are seeing this error code, here’s how you can easily fix this.

Fix: Valorant Error Code VAN 0

What is the VAN 0 error in Valorant

Error VAN 0 is a Valorant error code, which means that the Valorant Servers can’t find the network card after it has been inserted, or that there is some kind of hardware error in the card. This error can result in a Valorant not starting, or not completing an install.

What causes this error?

This error can be caused by multiple factors, from the network card to the port, cable, or computer in any combination. It is important to test different configurations in order to find the correct fix.

It’s often necessary to go as far as simulating the environment that caused the bug, or even trying out a workaround. It’s important to note that sometimes the fix can be simple, but then the issue might recur.

How to fix Valorant Error Code VAN 0?

Following the below-mentioned steps will eliminate this error.

Reinstalling Vanguard

Vanguard is an application that generates game-related processes. It also has the anti-cheat system, which protects your accounts from being hacked, or stolen. This in the past was one of the reasons for this error. Try and reinstall it to fix the problem.

Try restarting the Valorant game

Try and reopen your game, this might fix the error. In most cases, the error was fixed just by restarting the game

Fixing the Network device driver

If you are receiving this error, it’s because your computer is out of date. To eliminate the error, please update your network adapter to the latest version.

Restart your internet router

Doing this might fix the error. Try and restart your internet router, if that doesn’t work check the connection cables. Try using a different Wi-Fi connection. This problem might be related to interference from your neighbors or the strength of your current Wi-Fi network. You can also try connecting wirelessly via Bluetooth or an ethernet cable.

Contact the Customer Support

The last but not the least is to call the Riot games support team and ask for help. If after trying the above fixes you are still receiving this error please contact Riot Games Support Team. You can reach their support team via Live Chat or by calling them. It’s a free call and if they can’t fix this right away they will give you the contact information of a player that can fix your problem.


Valorant is an amazing game, and at times could be really competitive. We know how frustrating it is to have in-game issues. The riot games team has been working on it for a long time and has already released a patch update. If you think none of the above fix is helping you to get rid of Error Code VAN 0, you can contact customer support of Valorant.

However, some people are still suffering from the same issue. We hope that after reading this your problem is fixed!

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