How to Find the Best Discord Servers

Discord originally debuted as a gaming-centric voice chat service. Nonetheless, it has developed into a widely used medium for hosting numerous communities. A wide variety of Discord servers exist, including those devoted to video games, film, and music. All it takes is a little digging to find some of the best Discord servers around.

However, it’s not always simple to know where to start looking. If you’re new to Discord, you may also be wondering how to get started. The best Discord servers can be hard to come by, so we’ve compiled a few resources to help you in your search.

How to Find the Best Discord Servers

How to Find the Best Discord Servers

Whether you’re using the Discord on your desktop or the Discord app on your phone, you just need to click on the Plus icon to join any server then it will redirect you to the new fresh window where you can paste the link or find the Servers you want to join.

Now let’s explore the various ways to find the best servers which can fulfill your expectations.

Method 1: Finding Best Discord Servers Using Explore Public Server Directory

How to Find the Best Discord Servers

You just want to click on the Explore feature then you can explore the multiple categories like Gaming, Music, Education, Science & Tech and Entertainment just click on the category and it will suggest to you the best servers related to that particular category.

Then you can check the details of the particular server and if you like it you can simply join the server.

Another way to find the best Discord servers is to use the search bar. Interestingly, it can be helpful if you’re not sure which category your preferred topic fits in or if it relates to more than one category.

One example of such a topic would be Star Wars which has Discord servers dedicated to Star Wars video games such as Star Wars Battlefront II and The Old Republic.

There are also servers for its movies and Disney Plus series such as The Mandalorian, Ahsoka, and Rangers of the New Republic.

Method 2: Finding Best Discord Servers Using the Disboard Website

How to Find the Best Discord Servers

Disboard is one of the best websites on the internet to find the Discord server with around 1.2 million listed servers on the website related to gaming, dating, anime, music, memes, etc.

You can easily go to the official Disboard website and search the category or type of server you want to join, then a new page will open where you can find the various Servers or channels just click on the server you like the most then it will show the proper details, ratings or reviews, proper description or information about the server and you can simply join by “Join this Server” button.

One of the best things about Disboard is when you search any category it will show you the other related categories with the Green color buttons with the total number of servers listed on the website, or you can easily check the ratings or reviews before joining so you can verify the server is safe or not.

Finding Best Discord Servers Using the DiscordMe Website

How to Find the Best Discord Servers

DiscordMe is also one of the popular websites to find Discord servers, here you can also choose the categories like gaming, anime, music, art, streaming, etc.
You can just simply log in to your Discord server from here and manage your Servers. You can search the category or the groups you want to join then the process is very similar to Disboard.

You can select the server you like the most then it will show the proper details with some more features or information like ratings or reviews, recent posts, and website links if it is provided by the listed server so you can simply Join by clicking on the button “Join the Server”.

One of the best features of DiscordMe is you can find more different types of servers by clicking on the menu button on the top right corner, there is a feature called Random Server you can find different types of servers here.

Method 3: Find Best Discord Servers Using Website

Best Discord Servers

Discordservers has also a large database of Discord servers that can be worth joining for you.

Here you can also find different types of categories by clicking on the Browse button on the top or search what you want.

This website provides you some basic features like Disboard or DiscordMe. You can explore more features from the Menu bar on the top left side.

Method 4: Find Best Discord Servers through Social Media

Most of the companies or individual creators share their Discord server links on their social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

You can also join the different Facebook group which provides the links of the Discord servers related to your interest.

If you are more focused to join Gaming Discord Servers then Reddit can be also a brilliant platform for you.

Method 5: Finding Best Discord Servers through Bloggers or Influencers

Today many of the creators share their Discord server link with their audience. Like on the specific gaming platforms like YouTube Gaming, Facebook Gaming, Twitch the creators always share their Discord server link in the descriptions.
And today most of the Teachers or Edutainment creators also share their Discord server links with their students or audience. You can also find the best Discord servers by your friends or relatives.


These were all the ways to find the best Discord Servers. We hope this guide helped you a lot.

However, if you have any doubts or queries, feel free to reach us using the comment option given below by simply entering your email ID and message.

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