5 Best PS4 Emulators for PC

If you have a PC, you already love playing games on it. However, the PS4 has a different vibe of gaming that is unmatchable. Users who already had PCs didn’t feel the need to purchase PS4 because most of the PS4 games were already available for PC until games such as Horizon Zero Dawn and Bloodborne came. These games were PS4 exclusives.

PS4 exclusives were released only for PlayStation 4 consoles. The PC users started feeling betrayed. However, looking at this, the developer community came ahead and started building PS4 emulators that can mimic the overall gameplay of a PlayStation. This was the whole idea behind PS4 emulators. With that being said, here’s our list of the top 5 best PS4 emulators that work on PC.

Best PS4 Emulators for PC

Best PS4 Emulators for PC

PS4 Emulators are software that can mimic the hardware features of a PS4 on a PC and let users play games that are designed for PS4. Here are the 5 best of them. However, before you start using the best PS4 emulators for PC, keep in mind that it can also result in PS4 WS-37337-3 ban but we have also fixed it.

1. Orbital

If you are looking for the best PS4 emulator for your PC, you should consider Orbital. This piece of software is developed by AlexAltea. While the is still some work that needs to be done, the emulator is still class apart from other PS4 emulators available on this list. The only limitation you will face is the lack of ability to play commercial PS4 games.

Further, Orbital is available for Windows as well as Linux, and that means it supports both architecture x84 and x64. Using Orbital, you have the freedom to download PS4 games directly on your PC and play it. Since Orbital is not an official release, you can download it using its GitHub repository.

2. PS4Emus

PS4Emus is also considered one of the best PS4 emulators that work accurately on PC. Although PS4Emus is relatively new in the emulator universe, due to its functionality, it has quickly garnered the attention of a lot of PS4 fans.

The best thing about PS4Emus is that it is widely supported on every platform. As per the website’s description, PS4Emus works on Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux. However, we highly doubt that any game that works on PS4 will work on Android. Nevertheless, you can go ahead and try it.

3. PS4 EMX

The name can be a bit confusing as it resembles that of PS4Emus. Both offer the same functionality – let you play PS4 games on a PC. However, we don’t know whether it is working right now or not.

While there was never an actual website developed by the PS4EMX team, the actual project can be found on SourceForge and GitHub. However, after receiving several legal threats from Sony, the project came to a halt. If you wish, you can try this emulator given the fact that it was the only one in the market before other emulators came.

We also came through a lot of dubious discussions on PS4 EMX on Reddit. If you wish, you can check this out too.

4. PCSX4

PCSX4 is another emulator that works and helps users play PS4 games on PC. This emulator is also a tried and tested one. Unlike PS4 EMX, the project of PCSX4 isn’t halted, and the team is working hard every time to bring all PS4 games to life. However, sometimes PCSX4 seems like a scam and cannot be trusted like all the other websites.

PCSX4 is a website that claims to offer a PS4 emulator that works on PC by providing a download link that takes you to a different page. All in all, we have simply heard about this and haven’t tried it yet. If you wish to try it, be careful that you don’t download any malware.

5. RPCS4

RPCS4 is a work-in-progress PS4 emulator that we know will work on every PC once it is ready for public distribution. The team behind RPCS4 is none other than the guys who developed RPCS3, which is going strong to date.

RPCS3, as you might have already guessed, is a PS3 emulator that works flawlessly if you wish to play PS3 games on your PC. However, after Sony discontinued PS3, people started moving on to PS4, and thus the popularity declined steadily. Still, there are a number of games that are playable on both PS3 and PS4 and offer the same level of experience.

If you wish, you can download RPCS3 and enjoy PS3 games on your PC until RPCS4 becomes available for the public.

The Bottom Line

Well, that’s all we have here about the best PS4 emulators for PC. We hope this guide has helped you. Keep in mind that not every PS4 emulator for PC is created the same. While some work flawlessly, others are just trash. If you still have any doubts or queries, please comment below. Thank you for being our valuable reader.

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