5 Best PDF Readers for Android in 2024

For Android users who want to easily manipulate PDF files on their mobile devices (smartphones or tablets), the best PDF readers allow you to do all of these things and more.

Android devices can already read PDF files, but that’s about the extent of what most people can do with them. In order to do more with PDFs on your Android device, you’ll almost certainly need to download additional software.

5 Best PDF Readers for Android in 2022

5 Best PDF Readers for Android in 2024

Because there are so many PDF apps out there, you can access a wide range of additional functions and features. Editing PDF files is a feature that many users will find extremely useful. Besides printing and annotating PDF files, other features may include the ability to insert forms and other user-interactive PDF files.

Despite the fact that Adobe Acrobat is often the first app that comes to mind when discussing PDFs, there are a number of others that deserve consideration.

This list of the best Android PDF apps we could find is meant to assist you in making a decision.

1. Adobe Acrobat Reader

5 Best PDF Readers for Android in 2022

Adobe Acrobat Reader is a PDF viewer with a lot of power. In most cases, the free version is more than adequate for most tasks, and its excellent document compatibility means that you should be able to view even the most complex PDFs as they were meant to be seen.

Acrobat Reader displays a PDF file in a simple viewer when you open it from the web or share it from another app. When it comes to navigation and zooming around the document, as well as basic searches, everything works as expected.

The paid version includes form filling and signing, as well as annotating files, highlighting text, and the ability to add and manage PDF comments; these advanced features are only available in the paid version.

Many other Adobe services and products are compatible with the app. The OCR-powered Adobe Scan app, which lets you use your device as a PDF scanner to turn receipts, business cards, whiteboards, and anything else into searchable, editable PDF files are both free.

In some cases, the commercial add-ons aren’t worth the extra money spent. It’s common for other tools to perform functions like reordering and rotating pages for free. No registration is required, and the free app provides all viewing capabilities many users will require.

Download: Adobe Reader

2. Xodo PDF Reader

5 Best PDF Readers for Android in 2022

One of the most impressive aspects of Xodo PDF Reader is its wide range and depth of features. In spite of the app’s name, it isn’t just for reading PDFs: you can also create new PDFs from images or Office documents using your phone’s camera. PDF forms can be filled out, saved, and sent, or text can be highlighted and your own annotations are added. Using Xodo’s connect service, you can even collaborate with others on your document (no registration required).

Smart integration with Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive are among the features that support the application. Aside from the fact that Xodo can import documents from the cloud, it can also automatically sync your edits with the source file, ensuring that it always has the most recent version.

Xodo’s File Manager has yet another useful feature. To quickly find the documents you need, thumbnails and a Recent Files list allow you to rename, copy, move, or delete any document.

Xodo’s creation has an excellent PDF viewing engine at its core, which is all that matters. Page cropping and a full-screen mode allow you to concentrate on the content, while Night Mode and a variety of search tools and a table of contents allow you to drill down into specific parts of the file for easier reading.

Download: Xoho PDF Reader

3. Foxit PDF Reader

5 Best PDF Readers for Android in 2022

Foxit PDF Reader is a well-known PDF reader with over 100,000 downloads and a 4.6 user rating on Google Play.

It’s easy to see why Foxit is so popular. Because of the flexibility of PDFs — including the ability to change the background and brightness — and the fact that they open quickly, it’s easy to read in any situation.

In addition to simple annotation tools, Foxit’s Connected technology enables real-time sharing of comments and changes with other users of the application.

Filling out and saving forms, importing and exporting data, and submitting forms via HTTP, FTP, and email are all available.

There are a number of advanced features that are only available if you pay for Foxit’s subscription service (converting PDFs, combining files, password protection, digital certificates, OneDrive Business support). This isn’t surprising, but if you’re on a tight budget, you might be able to get by with a free PDF editor.

Download: Foxit PDF Reader

4. Gaaiho PDF Reader

5 Best PDF Readers for Android in 2022

A closer look at Gaaiho’s 20+ years of experience in developing PDF software makes it worth your time even if it doesn’t get as much attention as Adobe, Foxit, and the other big-name competitors.

In addition to opening documents quickly, the main viewing engine provides a flexible and comfortable environment for reading, adding and managing comments, or checking out any attachments.

The ability to quickly add and edit bookmarks ensures that you can quickly return to important sections of any document.

Highlighting text and drawing lines, arrows, and other simple shapes are all basic annotation tools.

When it comes to accessing cloud files, Gaaiho PDF Reader only has direct support for Dropbox, but it has the ability to connect to any other WebDAV server.

Download: Gaaiho PDF Reader

5. DocuSign

5 Best PDF Readers for Android in 2022

DocuSign is a business-oriented PDF viewer. Using the app, you can open, fill out, sign, and send documents to the recipients you specify.

In-app purchases aren’t necessary to use this feature. It’s also possible to sign up for a subscription plan. Additional features are available for $10 a month.

Subscriptions for $25 and $40 a month simply add to that. Subscriptions aren’t really a concern unless you’re doing this professionally.

Download: DocuSign

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