5 Best Mobile Apps to Help New Mothers

The best mobile apps for new mothers help them to cope with their little ones and become a better mom. When your child is born and you become a mother, your life takes on a whole new level of excitement and anxiety. Mobile apps can be a lifesaver when it comes to keeping track of all of a baby’s milestones, feedings, diaper changes, and ups and downs.

5 Best Mobile Apps to Help New Mothers

For new moms, here are a some helpful mobile apps that can make life easier. Consider your own well-being and happiness, as well. Here are the best apps for new mothers to download.

1. Baby Tracker

Best Mobile Apps to Help New Mothers

There is no substitute for keeping track of everything your baby does and accomplishes each day, no matter how experienced you may be as a mother. Baby Tracker is the ideal all-in-one app for newborns because of its clarity and simplicity.

With Baby Tracker, you can focus on the things you love about being a parent while the app takes care of the rest. That’s why the app is so useful for keeping tabs on everything from your baby’s feeding and diapering habits to his or her weight gain and temperature.

Download Baby Tracker: iOS | Android

2. Baby Connect

Best Mobile Apps to Help New Mothers

The Baby Connect app, like Baby Tracker, lets you share your baby’s everyday habits and information with others. If you want all of your baby’s caregivers to be on the same page, this feature is a godsend.

Keep tabs on everything from the baby’s last diaper change to how much time he or she spent sleeping, for example. In addition, you can use the app’s diary to keep track of your baby’s progress as they grow and learn.

Download Baby Connect: iOS | Android

3. Moms into Fitness

Best Mobile Apps to Help New Mothers

In addition to using a baby monitor app to keep tabs on your infant, remember to take care of your own needs as well. After having a baby, getting some exercise can help you feel better, sleep better, and be more productive. In order to avoid injury, it’s important to stick to a postnatal workout.

For both new and experienced mothers, Moms Into Fitness has a wide variety of classes that are tailored to their specific needs. Moms Into Fitness is the ideal app to help you shed the baby pounds after giving birth, thanks to the wide variety of workouts it offers. Before starting a workout, take a few minutes to complete the short survey to determine the best workout for you.

Download Moms into Fitness: iOS | Android

4. Sound Sleeper

Best Mobile Apps to Help New Mothers

It’s possible to help your baby sleep through the stages of infancy and toddlerhood with Sound Sleeper. As a bonus feature, caregivers can use the app to get a good night’s sleep by listening to the soothing sounds of nature.

White noise sounds like a hair dryer, vacuum cleaner, the womb, and many others are included in the app. Sound Sleeper can be used by pressing the LISTEN button, which activates the microphone on your phone. Whenever your baby cries, the Sound Sleeper begins to play soothing sounds to help them fall back to sleep, automatically.

Download Sound Sleeper: iOS | Android

5. Glow Baby Tracker

Best Mobile Apps to Help New Mothers

Essentially, the Glow Baby app is a more advanced version of the previously mentioned Baby Tracker app. Does it track feedings, sleep patterns and diaper changes? Yes, it does. So much more than that is possible. Glow Baby is an app that lets you keep track of your baby’s growth with helpful charts, insights, data, and reports.

It’s also possible to find many helpful articles on topics ranging from child development and breastfeeding to food safety and hygiene. Dad, nanny or other family members can also be added to the app’s network of caregivers. Glow Baby is the best baby app for new mothers out there.

Download Glow Baby Tracker: iOS | Android

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