6 Best Free Cloud Storage in 2024

Your files and folders can be safely stored in the cloud with the best free cloud storage service without spending a dime. We have, of course, seen an increase in the number of free cloud storage lockers as a result of the rise of cloud storage in general.

The best free cloud storage providers will depend on your specific needs, so keep reading to find out which ones we think are the best free cloud storage service in 2024.

In the world of free cloud storage, these can be seen as a vehicle for attracting new customers, with the hope that they will then sign up for a subscription plan to get more storage. As you’ll see, this can be quite a bit in some cases.

Best Free Cloud Storage

Best Free Cloud Storage in 2024

There are a plethora of options out there, and it can be difficult to choose the right free cloud storage service because of all the different ways in which they work.

Here, we come in, and we’re going to break down the pros and cons of some of the best cloud storage products currently available in the mass of freebie solutions on the market today.

For some users, the amount of raw storage space is less important than other factors like security, a wide range of apps available across multiple platforms, or an intuitive user interface.

1. Google Drive

Best Free Cloud Storage

Owners of Android devices will naturally gravitate toward Google Drive, but those on other platforms may also appreciate the generous free storage space.

You can also use Google’s own office suite, Google Photos, to store unlimited high-definition photos on your mobile phone (now known as G Workspace). People who purchase paid Google Drive plans will also be able to join Google One (although it might not yet be available, depending on the region).

A dizzying array of capabilities is made available through One, a component of Google Drive that is integrated into the company’s Cloud platform on a continuous basis. As of this writing, Google engineers were rolling out the ability to request approvals for Drive items and lock the versions that have been approved.

Allows the account owner to share 2TB of storage space with up to five other people and costs $99.99 per year but does not include a virtual private network (VPN).

In addition to the fact that the web interface is difficult to use, Windows and Mac users can download a desktop app that allows them to easily drag and drop files. One of the most advanced artificial intelligence systems in the world can be found in Drive.

2. iCloud

Best Free Cloud Storage

For those who use Apple’s iCloud backup and sync service, it’s a well-known name in cloud storage. Photos, videos, contacts, calendars, documents, notes, and bookmarks are just some of the data you can store in iCloud, which is automatically synced across all of your iOS devices (plus you can access that data from a Mac or PC via a web browser).

However, photos that are automatically synced with iCloud via the Photo Stream feature don’t count against the 5GB limit, which is still a modest amount of storage for a free service like iCloud. As a result, you may be able to gain a significant amount of storage space if your cloud storage is primarily used for photos (you can, of course, buy more capacity as well; at pretty reasonable rates too).

There are a number of other files that aren’t counted toward your 5GB storage limit when using a free iCloud account, and they include media purchased from iTunes, as well as apps and books that you’ve purchased from the App Store.

If you’re an iPhone or iPad user, or even a Mac user, then iCloud is a must-have service for you. However, Windows users can use iCloud Drive to sync files and access features like the ability to share folders with friends directly from the desktop using the File Explorer.

3. Mega

Best Free Cloud Storage

Mega, a well-known cloud storage provider, has a free plan that gives you a decent amount of storage space. Free data will be available starting in June of that year, with the ability to earn more by completing tasks.

It’s encouraging to hear that Mega’s free plan users enjoy the same fast transfer speeds as paid subscribers, and that there is no performance throttling.

Additionally, Mega makes the sync client’s source code publicly available, allowing security experts to examine it and help ensure that the software is free of flaws.

With user-friendly apps for Windows, Mac, and Linux as well as Android and iOS, the service provides end-to-end encryption for your files (the mobile apps also include voice and video chat facilities, along with messaging, which is also encrypted).

If you don’t mind the fact that you can only use 50GB of storage for free for a limited amount of time (as explained in the “achievements” section), then Mega is a good option for you. However, the company needs to make it clearer that you can only use 50GB of storage for free for a limited amount of time.

4. Mediafire

Best Free Cloud Storage

According to ClanCarousel, MediaFire is one of the best cloud storage services in 2024. By referring to your friends and downloading their applications, you can earn up to 50 GB of free online storage space with MediaFire.

Files and folders can be shared, and the MediaFire website makes it simple to upload single files or entire folders. 4 GB is the maximum file size that can be uploaded. With the simple filtering options, you can quickly find only your own videos and documents as well as those belonging to others.

Using an app, mobile users can view and share files, as well as upload photos and videos, on the go. Interestingly, MediaFire is available on a variety of platforms, including Android, iPhone, iPad, and computers.

4. Internxt

Best Free Cloud Storage

As a newcomer to the free cloud market, Internxt is willing to offer more capacity than other providers, which is a clever marketing strategy. Most people will be fine with 10GB of storage.

Internxt’s main advantages are its speed, ease of use, and security. Even if you’re not a computer whiz, Internxt will be a breeze to download, install, and use. All of these features are standard fare for the best cloud storage, so what sets Internxt apart?

Like facial recognition of your photos to help you better organize them, like the physical hard disk of files it will send you if you somehow lose all your stuff, like server backup that provides a failsafe if you delete items you should not have.

Its European headquarters also adds to your sense of security in terms of the privacy protections it provides.

5. Degoo

Best Free Cloud Storage

You might not have heard of it before, and it was only founded in 2019, but Degoo has already had a significant impact on the cloud storage industry.

So what is it about this service that has attracted so many users (nearly 18 million) and earned it the top spot in our list of the best free cloud storage services? It’s hard to argue with the headline storage capacity of 100GB, which is a huge amount of space when compared to the offerings of competitors.

TechRadar readers will get twice as much storage for the first year thanks to a partnership with Degoo. To say the least, 200GB of free cloud storage is a remarkable deal (although note that it will revert back to the standard 100GB after that initial year is over).

Additionally, Degoo has 256-bit AES encryption to keep your files safe, and two-factor authentication via your Google account. Other features include AI routines designed to help you find your best photos when you upload or store them.

Please be aware that the free plan is ad-supported and does not include “zero knowledge” encryption and other premium features. It also stipulates that if you don’t use your free account for 90 days, your files will be deleted.

With all of the free storage you get here, those caveats are a small price to pay, and those looking for an alternative to the big players won’t do any better than Degoo, especially in terms of storage capacity.

6. Nextcloud

Best Free Cloud Storage

When it comes to cloud storage and online collaboration, Nextcloud is a popular open-source cloud storage option. A cloud storage service can be implemented on your own server using this free software, with all of the advantages of precise control that comes with that.

Although this isn’t an online cloud storage solution per se, it has enough power and flexibility to be worth mentioning, with the obvious caveat that you need to know what you’re doing when it comes to putting it all together.

Additionally, this DIY approach to cloud storage offers a number of advantages, including faster speeds just as in peer-to-peer file sharing and greater security because the server is located on your own network rather than in a data center (you are free to use whatever encryption you might want, and you can go to town on that front).

Having said that, we must reiterate the importance of familiarity with Nextcloud, especially in terms of security (the last thing you want to do is leave holes in the system which could be used to compromise your data).

You can buy a preconfigured Nextcloud Box with a 1TB disk and a Raspberry Pi (the famous compact computer board) to keep your data synchronized if you don’t have the necessary technical know-how.

In addition to the ability to share and collaborate on documents, Nextcloud also provides the ability to sync files. According to the company’s website, it describes itself as a “self-hosted productivity platform,” which includes features like Slack-style chat, video calls, and more.

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