How Long Does it Take to Finish Tales of Arise?

How Long Does it Take to Finish Tales of Arise?

If you have just started playing Tales of Arise, you would be enjoying the game. However, the main question while completing missions is how long does it take to finish Tales of Arise

Tales of Arise is the latest installment in the long-running Tales franchise, a famous JRPG [Japanese Role-Playing Games] series that dates back to 1998.

How Long Does it Take to Finish Tales of Arise?

About Tales of Arise

The game follows a group of characters on their quest to liberate Dahna from Rena control, with just enough sci-fi twists and high fantasy components to make this a distinctive narrative. Nonetheless, it’s a Tales game, which means there are some expectations. 

Tales of Arise is set in a solar system containing Dahna and Rena, two neighboring planets. Rena, which they can see clearly in their sky, has long been considered as a place of the righteous and pious by the people of Dahna.

Rena and her residents have been the subject of legends and legends among the Dahna people for years, and through time, they have become truths in their minds, hiding a horrible reality for the Dahna people.

How Long Does it Take to Finish Tales of Arise?

Rena’s people had reigned over Dahna for 300 years, plundering the planet’s riches and robbing its people of their dignity and independence.

Tales of Arise promises a new beginning for the renowned JRPG brand, with an original cast of characters, a dramatic plot, dynamic combat, breath-taking locations, and some old Tales Of features incorporated.

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The Tales series is known for producing lengthy JRPGs with a lot of content. The same might be said about Tales of Arise, but it is on the shorter end of the scale.

Now talking about how long does it take to complete Tales of Arise, the major plots of Tales of Berseria and Vesperia take roughly around 45 hours to finish.

On the other hand, Tales of Arise takes about 30-35 hours. There is a moderate completion rate of side tasks in addition to the main narrative.

Accomplishing all of the side missions, discovering all of the skits, and more would logically add another 15-20 hours to the overall game time, but completing everything in the game would very certainly add much more.

There are 320 skits, 156 monster kinds, and 70 side missions in Tales of Arise, and that’s only scratching the surface of the game’s richness.

Final Answer to How Long to Beat Tales of Arise

The verdict on how long will it take to complete Tales of Arise will take to complete everything 45 hours. However, anyone looking for a content-heavy, story-focused JRPG should look no further than this latest Tales installment.

Although the main narrative is shorter than previous games in terms of length, the quality of the game meets or exceeds that of many past series games. Therefore, whatever the time you get to complete Tales of Arise, you can certainly define it as quality gaming time spend. 

We hope this guide helped you to know how long will it take to complete Tales of Arise. If you like this, don’t forget to check out our gaming, troubleshooting, and computing guides.


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