Switching Internet Service Providers? Here’s How to Cancel Your Existing Service

Switching Internet Service Providers? Here's How to Cancel Your Existing Service

Whether you are relocating far away from your current town, or you’ve discovered a better ISP option in your neighborhood, or your current provider’s service is not working for you because “it’s not you, it’s me.” When this happens, remain calm. Canceling your internet service should be a straightforward process. Even breaking up with your ISP over the phone is acceptable.

This step-by-step guide describes how to terminate your home internet subscription.

Switching Internet Service Providers? Here's How to Cancel Your Existing Service

Explore Your Internet Options

Understanding your options is the first step towards canceling your current internet connection, regardless of whether you’re relocating or contemplating moving providers. Compare all plans and providers to locate the internet service that best meets your needs.

If you are relocating, your current service provider may be accessible at your new location. If there are no other internet providers in the area that are better, you may wish to transfer your service instead of canceling.

You should research all ISPs and plans offered at your address in case you decide to transfer service providers. You may discover that the grass is not greener on the other side and decide to continue with your existing service provider.

Alternatively, you could find a cheaper plan, faster service, or a far better internet offer by selecting a different provider.

Prepare for Your Cancellation.

You have decided to cancel your service with your provider. What’s next? Choose the exact date you wish to stop service, and do some research beforehand so you know what to expect.

If you may need an internet connection while packing, I recommend scheduling your cancellation date for either the day you anticipate to be totally out of the residence or the day after.

To minimize the amount of time you are without an internet connection while moving providers, your cancellation date should coincide with the day your new service is installed. The next step must be completed before this one in order to obtain the installation date.

Are You Under Contract?

In any case, you will need to know whether you are under contract with your existing provider and what cancellation fees may apply.

Depending on the provider and the length of the contract at the time of cancellation, early termination fees may exceed one hundred dollars. You may find that sticking with the service for a while can result in cost savings.

Even though you are not bound by a contract, there may be additional fees, such as installation fees, if you cancel your service within a particular time frame. Take the time to research your service agreement or call customer care to inquire about these fees.

It’s in your best interest to be informed of them beforehand. There is no need to explain your motives. Simply inquire if you are under a contract and what cancellation fees may apply. If you are looking for a contract-free plan, there is no better plan than Ziply Internet.

Activate Your Service with the New ISP

To sign up with your new ISP, you can phone customer service, although most providers allow you to sign up online. Setting up service prior to canceling with your existing provider is optional if you are moving, as your cancellation date is mostly dictated by the date of your move-out.

But, if you are switching, you should secure your new service and installation date prior to selecting whether to cancel your present subscription.

Call to Cancel

Here we are at the most important stage in terminating your internet service: the actual termination.

There is a small possibility that you may be able to cancel online, but you should not count on it. In an effort to retain you as a customer, the majority of service providers will require you to contact them.

Like with any customer service line, you should anticipate a brief wait. Once the company determines your reason for calling, it will likely transfer you to a client retention specialist (that comes with another lengthy hold time).

Eventually, the provider will have to respect your request to cancel. Take special attention to the information you get, so you are aware of any additional fees or conditions associated with returning the equipment.

All in All

It’s officially over. The sole remaining task is to pack and return any remaining items. This is a crucial step because, unlike failing to return a few sweatshirts and photographs to a former partner, failing to return internet equipment on time could be expensive.

There may be slight variances between internet service providers when it comes to the cancellation process, but it is essentially identical.

Certainly, striving to retain you as a customer can be irritating, but that is their job. Remember that there are human beings on the other end of the line, hence try to stay to the point and ask any important questions during that one call.

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