How to Play Emoji Word Challenge in TikTok?

How to Play Emoji Word Challenge in TikTok?

Emoji Word Challenge in TikTok is a fun way for users to share their personalities through emojis. Get in on the fun of this charade-like fad.

Emoji Word Challenge videos on TikTok are trending on the app For You pages. To everyone’s delight, celebrities like Meghan Trainor are participating. Some users are racking up millions of views on their Emoji Word Challenge videos due to the sheer absurdity of the challenge itself. But regardless of its virality, this trend is just as fun as a game of charades with friends.

How to Play TikTok's Emoji Word Challenge

How to Play Emoji Word Challenge in TikTok

In spite of its name, TikTok is not limited to just one type of short video. Hundreds of viral trends, like the “Take On Me” sketch MV, have their origins on the platform, which hosts everything from dance videos to joke sketches. The viral phenomenon known as “memes” frequently includes audio and visual effects.

TikTok already has a lot of cool effects built in, but a lot of people have made their own and they’re becoming popular too. As an AR/VR developer, Laura Gouillon has had success with a number of filters, the most recent of which is the Emoji Word Challenge.

First, launch TikTok and then tap the + button to make your own video and join the party. The next step is to click the eyeglass icon located under the ‘Effects’ tab on the left. There will be a search box there. Input “Emoji Word Challenge” and locate the lauragouillon-created filter. The icon will feature the steaming emoji. After activating the filter, emojis will appear at the top of the screen, with a phrase beneath them. You can alter the emojis and text by tapping the screen.

Start by selecting the ’60s length of time and setting the timer to record without holding the red button to properly present this challenge. After the countdown has ended and recording has begun, tap the screen to choose an emoji or phrase at random. The good times start after the filter makes its selection. When using this app, users can practise their best impressions by pronouncing the corresponding phrase alongside each emoji. A combination of the roll eyes emoji and the word “delicious” could be misconstrued as condescending. After you’ve finished recording, you can make any necessary edits and publish your work to your followers on TikTok.

Please don’t be bashful about joining in on this fad. Just enjoy the awkwardness of hearing about it for the first time, because that’s part of the joke. When completed in its entirety, the Emoji Word Challenge is an entertaining and worthwhile task. Too much effort or editing could make the footage seem staged. Furthermore, the filter provides a wide variety of randomization iterations, allowing the challenge to be taken up and shared multiple times. Do you have the guts to take on TikTok’s Emoji Word Challenge?

Well, that’s all we have here about how you can play TikTok’s Emoji Word Challenge. We hope this guide helped you. If you liked this, make sure to check out how you can fix This sound isn’t available error in TikTok.

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