New World Guide: Fostering and Crafting Resources

New World Guide: Fostering and Crafting Resources

Crafting is arguably the largest component of New World gameplay – learning to craft effectively has the potential to make you unstoppable. You can even max out completely without ever defeating a monster or completing an expedition by chast crafting chest pieces. I do not recommend this, but it shows the power of crafting in New World. There is a lot to consider when crafting as there are many different resources to gather, from Gold to Orichalcum. And thousands of items to craft – you can brew potions, build furniture, and craft armor. If you lack the gold to do these activities, you will have many options and awesome deals here.

It might be a tad overwhelming, but this guide will completely walk you through the process so you can enjoy your game fully! Let’s start.

Gathering Resources

Some comparisons can be drawn between Runescape and New World here as you will have to gather resources before you can start crafting – you can do this by mining rocks, cutting down trees, and picking up almost anything you see as you explore your world. It is important to note that you cannot gather every material from the start of the game; for example, you cannot mine gold until you have level 45 in mining. It is also important to track resources at some point because this makes them much easier to find.

Remember that not all resources appear on the tracker or map, so you will have to look more closely to find these. That being said, using the map effectively will make your life much easier, and locating resources will then be a breeze. For locating certain resources, such as iron ore, it can be very useful to look at ore mining guides online as these resources tend to appear in certain places the most.

Processing your Resources

This is where you take the resources you have gathered so far, which can be considered quite useless at this point, and turn them into something valuable, like turning iron ore into bars, which increases the value of the item while giving you experience in the process. This process is not so easy after the early game, though.

Every workshop in the towns requires work to level up because when you start the game, no town will have a tier 3 workshop; you are required to complete town board missions to level up certain parts of the town. In addition, only the company leader in that area of the town can authorize an upgrade. This might be tedious, but it is necessary and can be fun.

When you embark on tier 3 refining, a new thing you will have to consider is the use of reagents. These are additional materials used during the reffing process to give you more resources upon crafting or different properties. For example, Petalcaps are found in earth reagents and used for some recipes.

Crafting weapons and armor

Once you have made an effort to gather and refine all the resources, which is a large task in itself, it is time for the most exciting part – turning these materials into an even more valuable item: gear. Keep in mind that you will not be able to craft anything that is crazy at the start of the game, but this will be a fantastic way to gain experience and gold in the middle and end game.

Like the other leveling mechanics in New World, crafting also has its own skills and requirements. Because it can take a while to level up crafting skills – like Engineering, for example – you may want to choose one thing to craft and stick with it. If you’re in a communicative faction or company, find out what your teammates specialize in and choose something different. This way, you get a nice balance. Some will be skilled at making armor, whereas others will be good at making Bows or Muskets.

To close off

It can be a lengthy process to go from collecting raw materials to crafting intricate and valuable items like gear, but I hope this article has helped you on your journey. It is a fun and rewarding experience to explore your whole world, gather all the raw resources yourself, and then develop them into something extraordinary. Enjoy gaming!

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