6 Best Peacock TV Alternatives

The best Peacock TV Alterntaivtes allows you to watch your favorite shows or movies free of cost. Most of the content on these free Peacock TV alternatives is older and classic, but there are also some newer hits.

The best streaming services have proven their worth in entertaining the entire household. However, most people cannot afford to sign up for all of them.

Free streaming services fill this void perfectly. For free, they can provide hours of entertainment. As with a cable subscription, you’ll have to sit through a few commercials, but this isn’t any different. Again, they’re free!

Best Peacock TV Alternatives

Best Peacock TV Alternatives

The best Peacock TV alternatives have been well-represented on this page. Geo-restrictions can affect the quantity of a platform’s repertoire, so be sure to check if your favorite episodes and movies are available in your region before signing up!

1. Pluto TV

Best Peacock TV Alternatives

Pluto TV is practically the best Peacock TV alternative or even better. There are some great on-demand movies and episodes available on Pluto TV, but its real strength is in live TV streaming. Viewers can look through a grid of live stations in the same way they would in a cable TV guide. You’ll be able to catch shows from other Viacom networks, such as TV Land Drama, BET Her, MTV’s Jersey Shore, and VH1’s I Love Reality, as well as original programming. CNN and Fox Sports are also available, but only as curated excerpts, not as the real live broadcasts you’d see if you were to watch them on cable.

As long as Pluto doesn’t add dedicated channels for shows like Baywatch, Degrassi, and Stargate that we’re invested in, we’ll keep coming back to Pluto to binge-watch them. For more up-to-date information, take a look at our Peacock blog.

It was easy to switch between on-demand and live content while exploring Pluto’s interface. It’s easy to find what you’re looking for thanks to their categorization. No more than you’d see on TV, there are advertising here. It’s not even necessary to register with Pluto TV, but if you do, you’ll be able to mark your favorite channels and restart viewing a show on another device.

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2. Roku Channel

Best Peacock TV Alternatives

For those who don’t already have a Roku TV or device, the Roku Channel app comes preinstalled and may be downloaded to smartphones and tablets. It’s also available online, making it one of the best Peacock TV alternatives.

Joining up for an account with the Roku Channel does not require you to view as a member; you can watch as a visitor. However, signing up does allow you to watch on another device.

On-demand movies and TV shows are available, just like with the other services. Viewers can now navigate the Roku Live TV Guide with the help of the Roku Channel.

It’s great to be able to see the initial episodes of popular premium cable shows like Game of Thrones, Billions, Outlander, and Watchmen on the Roku Channel.

But when it comes to full-length shows, you don’t have anything like that, but rather This Old House or something like that. Some members of our team were ecstatic with the news, but others, well, kept scrolling around in Roku in search of something else. Also, keep in mind that Peacock has a better selection of more recent material.

Our free streaming service rankings for Roku Channel have risen when the channel added all content from the now-defunct Quibi.

A few of these, including #FreeRayshawn and #Reno911, are particularly noteworthy. Thanks to their efforts, NBC’s Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist was saved by a Christmas special.

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3. Freevee

Best Peacock TV Alternatives

An extension of the internet movie directory, Amazon Freevee has served as an excellent source for filmographies under the previous name of IMDb TV and is one of the best Peacock TV alternatives.

Amazon recently relaunched the service, which now comes pre-installed on all Fire TVs and Fire TV Sticks sold under its own name. If you want to watch IMDb TV on a different device, you can use the Amazon Prime Video app.

Freevee features a wide selection of on-demand video that may be accessed at any time. The First 48 and I Dream of Jeannie are usual free series, but there are also many old favorites like Lost, Desperate Housewives, and Mad Men to choose from.

In addition, Freevee produces originals, such as Leverage: Redemption and Judy Justice, a courtroom documentary series. To avoid sounding like a broken record, we’d advise you to return to Peacock’s Free tier for the most recent releases from the Freevee library.

Even while we review and test the Fire TV sticks, we don’t actually use them as our own personal gadgets. When we’re using the Prime Video service on another device, we’re more likely to see the app.

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4. Tubi

Best Peacock TV Alternatives

Think of Tubi as a free Netflix alternative, with access to over 20,000 titles available for on-demand viewing. Tubi, on the other hand, lacks both the newest and most prestigious titles that a subscription service offers, as well as original programming. In spite of this, they have a good library for a free streaming platform. More than 250 providers, including Hollywood heavyweights Paramount, Lionsgate, and MGM, partnered with Tubi (now owned by Fox Corporation) to construct it. Films like The Terminator, Foxcatcher, Kill Bill, The Craft, and Fruitvale Station have recently been released.

He loves Tubi for one show and one show only: Lucha Underground, an El Vez-styled wrestling program that airs on Tubi. Why do you watch Tubi, if you’re asked? Casey’s mouth was dry of anything to say. However, this is the only free streaming service that he watches, as he points out that Pluto, Roku, and the like don’t have anything that piques his interest.

The user interface on Tubi is simple and uncluttered. Tubi’s homepage is divided into sections such as Recently Added, Family Movies, Action, and Black Cinema when we tried it out. We discovered the ingenious and cheeky Not on Netflix category when we clicked the menu for other genres and selected collections. However, registration for an account provides you parental controls, queues, and a history of what you’ve seen.

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5. Crackle

Best Peacock TV Alternatives

Back when Netflix was still mailing DVDs, Crackle was a trailblazer in the free streaming sector. On this list, Crackle stands out because it is owned by Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment and offers free movies and TV series, as well as unique programming. You don’t have to sign up for an account to use Crackle, but you will be able to store your progress and add favorite movies if you do so.

Compared to the TV library, the movie collection is significantly larger and more intriguing. Top-notch actors such as Martin Freeman, Bryan Cranston and Rupert Grint appear in Crackle originals that are among the greatest free streaming services. In spite of our willingness to try new things and learn about them, we’re apprehensive of the possibility that there may be a bad reason why we haven’t heard of these shows.

Crackle, unlike Peacock, does not require a subscription to view content. As soon as the page is open, you can select a show or movie, view an advertisement, and then proceed to watch the desired content.

Watch Crackle

6. Vudu

Best Peacock TV Alternatives

Owned by Walmart It’s possible to buy and rent movies and TV series from Vudu, but you may also watch free episodes and movies that are available to stream. You’ll need a Vudu account to access the service (or use your Walmart account). Then, you’ll be able to watch over 10,000 free films and television shows. There aren’t any new blockbusters, but the free streaming options have a better selection. More recently, there have been movies like Troy and The Prestige as well as TV shows like All Is Lost, Hoosiers, a Funeral, and, Four Weddings. The sci-fi series Albedo, starring Evangeline Lilly, will be produced by Vudu, unlike other free platforms.

We found Vudu’s interface to be straightforward when we tried it out. Titles that are free are clearly labeled as such. In terms of frequency, the adverts are comparable to those of other free sites, but they are also more monotonous (and sometimes annoyingly interactive, requiring you to choose an option). We couldn’t help but notice some titles in Vudu’s free section that appeared a little risqué for the top of the stack—titles that we wouldn’t be able to explain to our children. Peacock, Pluto, Roku Channel, and others don’t put as much emphasis on that stuff, thus it’s not a concern there.

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Well, these are the best Peacock TV alternatives right now to watch great free movies and shows. We hope this guide helped you. If you liked this, make sure to check out the best video streaming services and the best free movie apps.

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