Which are the Most Tech Savvy Countries in the World?

Which are the Most Tech Savvy Countries in the World?

Technology is something that we could not live without now as it has become a key component in all our lives. This is not confined to merely one or two countries around the world either. Tech now plays a major role in normal life for the majority of nations on our planet. While this will be more common in some than others, most places now have some kind of tech present in society.

But which are the most tech-savvy nations around the planet?

Which are the Most Tech Savvy Countries in the World?


The scale of Russia is hard to fathom for most people and it is a major player on the world stage. Although you might not think it, Russia is also one of the most tech-savvy countries on the planet. Internet usage rates in this country were estimated at 77% recently and this is expected to grow as time moves on. This increasing rate of internet penetration shows just how key tech is to life in Russia as well as how tech-savvy many Russians are.

The average citizen uses technology more and more in their daily lives. Playing games via the internet at the best Russian online casinos is a prime example of this. Many Russians will now also use technology such as smartphones, social media platforms and apps to pay for goods regularly. With the younger generation in this country leading the way to a more tech-heavy future, Russia deserves its place on our list.


For many people, Japan is certainly one of the most tech-savvy countries around the world currently. But why is this case? This Asian powerhouse is known for having a population which is not only up to date with the latest tech innovations but has a real love for technology too. Whether it is mobile devices, gaming equipment, smart devices or tech within business, Japan is known as a world leader.

It is also home to some of the most technologically advanced cities on the planet, such a Tokyo, which use the latest developments to enrich the daily lives of their citizens. In addition to the prevalence of tech in the personal and working lives of people in Japan, the country is also known for being key players in the fields of robotics, electronics and machinery. When companies such as Sony and Nintendo call Japan home, you know how big this sector is there!


Another country which prides itself on being tech-savvy is the USA. They not only have a long-standing love for technology in daily life, but also remain at the forefront of the latest innovations. The recent moves to enable both online sports betting and online casino gaming in many US states is proof of this.

Of course, this country also scored highly for the global importance it has to the tech industry. It is home to Silicon Valley for example, and leading technology giants such as Google, Meta, Apple and Microsoft. The US is also a leading light in space tech and home to the world-famous NASA organization. With 13 million people employed in the technology sector there, it is clear to see what an awesome pool of tech talent it has within its borders.

It is not just a familiarity with tech in the workforce which North America enjoys. The average American is very tech-savvy and enjoys using new equipment, such as the latest Apple MacBook Pro, VR headsets or gaming consoles, in their normal lives.

The UK

Over time, the UK has been known as a tech giant and a country which is very familiar with the latest developments in this industry. This now allows tech to play a crucial role in the UK and its role as a leading financial hub. Technology also enables the country’s major cities, including London and Manchester, to function in a more efficient manner.

Most people in the UK are comfortable with technology and use technology such as email, video conferencing software and computers in normal working life. In addition, UK homes are full of the latest smart technology and smart devices to make life simpler. When you add in that around 55.5 million people in this country own a smartphone to use in daily life, the picture becomes clearer.

Most Tech-Savvy Countries in 2022

Technology has played a huge role in history and enabled us to live in a simpler, easier and more convenient way. It has also enabled businesses to streamline their operations and countries to grow their economies. Although it is present in most countries globally now, the ones listed above are some of the most tech-savvy currently.

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