How to Pump Fake in Madden 22?

How to Pump Fake in Madden 22?

The Pump Fake in Madden 22 can prove to be very helpful if you know how to use it and when. If you don’t know it yet, don’t worry, because in this guide, we will teach you exactly that. There is more to being a successful quarterback than just mobility and accuracy in the pocket. Both are important, but it can be helpful to throw in some surprises now and then. Learn the ins and outs of pump fakes in Madden 22 right here.

How to Pump Fake in Madden 22?

What is Pump Fake in Madden 22?

Tolerable for luring defenses in one direction before setting them ablaze in the other. Use it effectively, and it can be a potent offensive tool that helps you rack up points and victories. For Madden 22 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Series X|S, and PC, the question is how to pump fake

Rather than simply faking the pass, players can now pump fake in the direction of specific receivers on the field, as in previous Madden games. A lineman’s jump timing may be thrown off, but your receiver may get the space they need to make an open catch.

How to Pump Fake in Madden 22?

For a successful pump fake, you must double-tap the receiver’s button twice. Any of the face buttons with letters, plus RB, can be used to perform a pump fake. When playing on PlayStation, you can perform a pump fake by pressing any of the symbol face buttons in addition to R1.

Be cautious when attempting this, as it could easily end up in the hands of the receiver if you’re not quick enough to press the button again. The best option if they are not open is to use a pump fake to cancel the throw and force the defender into an awkward position.

Furthermore, the pump fake can be inconsistent. Occasionally, you can pump fake and then make an immediate pass to your intended receiver. No action seems to be taken in response to the input. In addition, the timing of any play can be completely thrown off if the intended receiver’s button is mashed again too soon after the initial press.

  • Pump fake: Press the button of the intended target 2 times
  • Throw the ball away: Press in the right stick on Xbox. On PlayStation, press the R3 button
  • Slide: Double tap X on Xbox, double tap Square on PlayStation

Best Routes for the Pump Fake in Madden 22

The pump fake is most effective when used in tandem with another move, such as a hitch and go. Combine it with a deep fade route to give the receiver some breathing room along the sideline for separation. The effectiveness of post routes and routes through the middle of the defense’s formation varies.

Most routes benefit from an early pump fake, giving the target receiver time to separate from the defender. The best time to use a pump fake is when the receiver is making his cut on a hitch-and-go or double-move route, which will typically bring the entire field into play.

Keep in mind that the shorter field makes it more difficult to maintain any kind of separation from the defense, so the pump fake is even less effective for longer routes past the 50-yard line and closer to the end zone.

Best Defense for the Pump Fake in Madden 22

The pump fake is most effective against Cover 3 Match and Cover 4 Palms, two of the deeper zone coverages, because it allows you to lure a defender into or out of double coverage. Against man-on-man coverage, it is extremely challenging to use successfully, as the AI secondary rarely bites.

But even though the pump fake occasionally succeeds in fooling the secondary, it still wastes precious seconds. Avoiding a sack while pump faking requires the same vigilance as when attempting a play-action pass.

Well, that’s all we have here about how to Pump Fake in Madden 22. We hope this guide helped you. If you liked this, make sure to check out whether Madden 23 be available on the Nintendo Switch?

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